How can a Judge tell Roger Stone that he is still under a gag order...

When his trial is finished and he has been sentenced.

First Amendment Rights be dammed.

Unless Bernie Sanders slips on a banana peel...or accidentally falls down an elevator shaft, or they steal it from him again.

He will be the likely Democratic nominee...but this is as it should be.

He is the creation of the Democrats, the model they formulated in their lab.

This is the best scenario for the country and it's citizenry.

Capitalism versus Socialism.

President Trump will soundly defeat Sanders and the Democratic apparatus.

It will be a mandate.

The Nation will survive.

Michael Bloomberg will spend several Billion dollars during his campaign for the rate he is going.

The numbers are obscene..

Guess a dollar bill does not stretch as far as it used to.

Bloomberg bought his way onto the Debate stage...

Bet he's wishing he hadn't.

He got battered and bruised by a group of light weights.

He appears even smaller now.

The only way the Democrats could ever get a line this that they were giving something away for FREE.

In all candor..

When the United States electorate has reached the stage whereby Bernie Sanders could ever be considered as a serious candidate for President of the United States...

You realize the country has reached the frightening stage of mass idiocy to the point of critical mass.

If they did nothing wrong...why a secret meeting in a hotel room... and why was John Kerry there.

He's not in the Administration.

Leave foreign policy to the President and Secretary of State.

This is wrong on so many levels. Murphy, Kerry and the others are swamp critters and will always smell like dead fish.

So Bloomberg thinks farmers are not very bright...and that he could teach anyone to be a farmer.

You wanna bet.

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