Where is the MSM in this country, totally ignoring this.


Those kids are so proud and just beaming at being in the Oval Office.

Then to get a ride on Air Force One. They will remember this day for the rest of their lives.

Such a special moment in time.

Holy Cow! The look on these kids faces....PRICELESS. Then a ride on Air Force One. A lifetime memory.


Spitting on someone can be considered an assault. President Trump should invite this fellow to the White house, he handled himself with class.


How ironic to watch all these NBA coaches and players who constantly spew nonsense about how bad America is and evil Trump is,

When asked one simple question regarding Hong Kong and China, immediately get a shocked look on their face and registered panic in their eyes and...

Look like their goddam heads are gonna explode.

Such cowards and hypocrites they are.

As they say, only Trump can draw such a crowd and he doesn't even play a guitar.


The reason common folk people love and follow President Trump is he is NOT a Politician, thus he is the right person for this time in History.

They will write about this phenomenon for years and try to rationalize it. The people inside the Beltway cannot understand, nor fathom what is happening.

They will never get it.

Trump truly loves this country, and he is a fighter.

It is not about words, it's about actions and results.

What he could accomplish if Congress worked with him.

Italian Tenor Marcello Giordani passed away a few days ago in Sicily...He was 56.



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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.