The First Lady is a nuclear weapon when she travels with the President.

She steals the show everywhere she goes..everything stops when she enters a room.

She speaks six languages and is a great ambassador for the US.

American fashion magazines, because of raw politics, refuse to put her on their covers?

Stupid has no limits.


The left are blind to their triteness and pettiness. I never understood why I never felt truly comfortable around my friends who were mostly liberals. It all makes sense to me. I wasted a lot of years & lots of money on those selfish shallow people. Melania is heads & shoulders above all that trash... in fact her not being on the covers of all those fashion rags puts her in a category of the super elite, who couldn’t be at the least bit bothered, as well as not dare to lower themselves.


She doesn't need the magazines. She lights up every place she goes. Their loss.

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