An elderly woman boarded the bus and hands the bus driver a bag of peanuts.

The driver took the bag, thanked her and ate several in front of her.

The next day, the elderly woman again boards the bus and handed the bus driver a bag of peanuts. He again took the bag and thanked her.

This went on for a week, and the driver finally said,

"Grandmother, you need to stop doing this."

The elderly woman told him.

"It's ok, you see I have no teeth, I just like sucking the chocolate off them."

We have now spent three critical years looking at every orifice that President Trump and his family and friends have.

Now, because most Americans believe in fair play, let's do the Clinton's, John Kerry and Joe Biden and their families and their nefarious dealings around the globe.

Let's also look at key members of Congress, people within the Intelligence community, and people with undo Government influence, I have a list here.

It's a very long list too.

Anyone second this motion.

President Trump is surrounded by a force field.

His Guardian Angel is named


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beautiful lyrics written by John Hartford. ❤️

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@Elaines2cents @nmart

Cows are generally peaceful creatures. These two are more like Tasmanian Devils.

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These 2 cows making world news right now, is so plenty juicy I doubt it could have gotten any better.

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I told you when the Fed lowered rates that the problem was China and Europe. Some data is out today:

China's industrial output is down over 5% and Germany's GDP shrunk as it exports fell 9%.

The question is not whether a recession is approaching but how bed will it be.

China's economy is headed straight to the shitter. Europe's already there.

Get out from companies that depend on their foreign income.

There's still time.

The US is strong. It'll be mild.

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⭐ 😂🤣 Sheriff: Deputy was on duty when he tried to have sex with minor in predator sting

"A sting by Richland County Sheriff’s Department to arrest child sex predators and people looking to buy sex ended with arrests warrants for 28 people, including one of the department’s own deputies who was on duty when he was arrested."

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They need to be escorted off the planet.

Broken machines that can't be fixed.

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Did you know the level of respect given to our WWII Warriors II US Veterans buried in the Netherlands? I didn't either.. Very humbling. ❤🇺🇸

One of the victim's families, from the El Paso shooting, met with President Trump during his visitation last week.

Now that family, because they graciously met with the President of the United States during a time of deep personal loss, is now getting death threats.


What the hell is wrong with people.

A boss hangs a poster in his office that says:


He goes to lunch, and when he returns he finds a note on his desk that reads.

"Your wife called, she wants her poster back home right now."

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So I just recieved an email from twitter telling me I'm permanently banned for calling Alyssa Milano a stupid bitch. They can ban me but it doesnt change the fact Alyssa is a stupid bitch. 😂😂

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