I'm starting to think that it is not just Democrats who don't want to see a full Senate trial.

The whole Government will be exposed as corrupt.

President Trump wants a full Senate trial now, he can finally go on offense.

Pelosi looked like she had swallowed an olive pit this morning.

Impeachment has completely come back and bit the Dems right in their collective arses.

Notice how quiet the Squad has been lately.

They all have mounting legal issues of their own.

As they peel away at the onion, it makes one apt to cry.

FBI and others have a lot of work to do to rebuild
reputations and restore faith with the American people.

Also, people have to be held accountable...
So that this never happens again.

Remember, we were never supposed to know.

In Maryland I had to go to the mat to get my new Drivers License. I also had to acquire what they called a new Federal REAL ID in addition to this.

It is a way of attacking ID fraud, need this to board planes, enter Federal buildings, etc. now.

I had to submit many forms of ID, including Birth Certificate original, SS card, etc.

I didn't mind one bit.

I asked a number of questions though as to how secure all my personal information would be in State hands.

Now I'm nervous.

Officially California said to have almost 3 million undocumented people living in the state.

I think the real number is much higher.

Holy crap.

Karma is something to see.

Remember Trudeau and Macron laughing it up at the Nato summit.

Upon returning home,

Trudeau notified that Canada had lost 72,000 jobs last month. and an unemployment surge up to nearly 6%. Huge numbers since Canada is much smaller in population than the US.

As for Macron, he returned home to find massive street protests, exploding into violence, due to cuts in benefits and budgetary problems.

Unemployment in France is going up, now around 8.7 % on average.

When President Trump was elected he extended an olive branch to DC, the Swamp and the MSM, for the good of the country.

Their answer was to collectively ramp up their efforts to try and destroy him, his family, his friends and associates.

I cannot fathom what he has been put through and the anger he must hold inside.

It is too late to go back now, the Country has endured too much and damaged too deeply.

Now what path...to take.

Many would say...


As they peel away the Ukrainian fruit, we find massive corruption in money laundering and slush funds...using US taxpayers money.

Ukraine, it seems is one of many such schemes.

No wonder Kerry suddenly appears and joins Biden.

So many involved.

No wonder the hysterical rants that..


He will expose them.

All this will have to be investigated, and now we see... banks have been involved in illicit activity such as fraud, money laundering, etc.

Enjoy the show.

US economy is humming and ready to grow a lot more.

This is the best jobs market for workers I have seen in my lifetime.


USMCA would be huge boost.

Yes, those Chinese tariffs would destroy the economy, remember.

The credit goes to one man, but the MSM won't mention it.

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