So almost 300,000 completed ballots were shipped from New York to Lancaster, Pa.

Lancaster, Pa....

This is definite proof of massive voter fraud.

Everyone knows that the Amish were all supporting President Trump.

The biggest conspiracy theory going around is the one being spun by many Politicians, both Dem. and Rep. and the MSM that....

There was no voter fraud, none at all.

The End.

Keep wondering how long the people of California will put up with their infantile Governor.

Another Rep. flip of a House seat, here in Cal. Rep. have flipped 15 seats and possibly a 16th in New York...Still have a chance to flip the House in 2020.

With David Valadio in Cal. and another seat in Iowa, the Rep. have flipped some 14 seats. If Ms. Tenney holds in New York, she has a 13 vote lead and she is claiming victory....the Dems are desperately trying to include more suspect mail in ballots there, that were already rejected.

If this holds the Rep. will have flipped 15 seats and there are 6 other races still outgoing and the Rep. lead all of them at present.

This in spite of widespread voter fraud...

Looking to confirm but Iran's Revolutionary Guard Commander may have been killed by a drone strike....

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