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Thank God for small mercies...

The House is done an you can stick a fork in Pigliosi.

Did not need to be this close. But I'll take it.

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@EliseStefanik: "🚨🚨🚨

A HUGE Congratulations to my friend Congressman-Elect @lawler4ny on his incredible victory flipping from 🔵➡️🔴!

Mike’s victory just sent SHOCKWAVES across the country as he FIRED failed DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney!! "


(H/T @MZHemingway RT )

Imagine that.

A Pennsylvania Democratic State Rep. won reelection despite being dead.

Haven't seen the vote totals but being a Dem. he probably had a lot of dead people voting for him.

The electorate is almost tribal now and so entrenched, especially in these blue States, the days of a red or a blue wave are over.

It's stagnation for the nation and progress at a snails pace now and forever it seems.

The woke need to wake up.

So sad.

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Elon Musk missed it.

Walked into Twit carrying a sink.

Should have just carried a big broom.

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