Each day at the Presser for the virus I hope President Trump would state he is using Emergency Powers to order the New York Times and the Washington Post to stop the presses and start making toilet paper for the country.

It would be a public service.

James Drury of, The Virginian fame has passed away..

He was 85..

This is proving a very bad day. Another of my favorites from years ago..actor James Drury, of Virginian fame...has passed away.


The Governors of Michigan and New York finally come to their senses.

Now both are pleading for the drug hydroxycloroquine to treat the virus.

I'll ask the same question the Press loves to hurl at Potus.

How many people died in those two states due to the complete incompetence of their leaders.

President Trump was right and the MSM, officials in blue states and CDC experts all proven to be wrong. See their models.

It didn't have to be this way.

So sad.

Al Kaline, Mr. Tiger, has passed away..

RIP Al...

President Trump's enemies always get distracted, do you notice. They jump gleefully from one imagined crises to another with the hope that they have Trump finally.

The President at times can take advantage of this.

Some months from now, the MSM and Trump foils are gonna look up and say in unison..

'Son of a Bitch....When the hell did he build all that wall.'

Need to add this fellow to the coronavirus task force....

Medically always get a second opinion...right.


Never in my life have I seen so many deranged individuals go public with comments like...

'Fu*k you Donald Trump.'

They do it, pound their chest and then walk away as if proud of some self attained achievement of some kind.

But why do they do it?

It adds little to the discourse.

Too make a point, or perhaps seeking acceptance and acknowledgement from friends of a similar like.

Sheepish lemmings all.

These bastardos shouted for weeks that we need to trust their models.

Now they admit the models were wrong and by a lot.

Now they are counting numerous deaths as being caused by coronavirus with no verification.

That skewers the numbers, but does not help the situation.

President Trump must now act, it makes no sense to put 20 Million Americans out of work for this.

I'm done.

We have had four or five serious virus attacks in just the last twenty years. Now we have this.

We will have more viral outbreaks in the near future. I am sure of that.

But....we will be ready.

Potus will bring pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing back home.

President Trump will take the steps that are necessary, there will be no shortages in Federal
or State stockpiles, no shortages of respirators, masks, PPE, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, or anything else.

You can bank on that.

President Trump hit on this again yesterday hard. Others are complaining as well.

We have no vaccine and few other effective treatments now ready for wide scale use.

So why are a number of states like New York still restricting the use of hydroxychloroquine on a wider scale.

The medicine is available and works...

It makes no sense. Fauci still won't promote it.

Most people testing positive should be placed on the medicine at once.

President Trump proven right again.

Japan has 127,000,000 million people and shut down only parts of their country....look at their numbers for coronavirus.



Taiwan has 24 million people and is 80 miles from mainland China. They never shut down their economy.

So far they have some 350 cases of coronavirus and 5 deaths attributed to the disease.


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