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There's no cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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@JM This fits Schiffty's mindset: If you torture/manipulate the data long enough, it will confess, even to crimes it didn't commit, and you'll finish with the result you want.

...not only do they rebel, but then they also rule...

This idea will plague my brain for days.

The one thing I've learned most of all from @ThomasWic involves a spaghetti colander, even for as absurd as that may be, but to be seen wearing it sends the powerful message that you don't give a damn about the lame ad-hominem judgments and vanity of others when you've got something far more profound on your mind.

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He did this so everyone will watch the video, didn't he?

It’s NEVER enough: Trump condemns racism, bigotry and white supremacy BUT media runs with Toledo gaffe instead

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*** D E A T H P E N A L T Y ***

Methinks the satirical killers will have to be a little more creative when drafting their manifestos if they want to avoid the lethal injection.

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Mass shootings are 100 percent politicized.

Not one person screeching about them actually cares about the dead.

In fact in their heart or hearts, they want MORE mass shootings.

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President Trump called out the media’s anti-Trump bias, and says that if the press covered him fairly, he wouldn’t need to tweet as often as he does. But since the media coverage overwhelmingly focuses on negativity, Trump said Twitter is “his only form of defense” against fake news.

While liberals think Fox News only supports Trump, that’s false.

Fox News employs a number of Democratic Trump-haters like Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace.

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@Buddy @REX

My thinking is the we have moved beyond race and ideology as identifiers.

We are people. We do what is good for people as a whole

we do not divide folks into little sub groups with fences around them, never to interact.

We put everyone together and go from there. Learn to work well with others as they say.

Look for the common good

"Bang Bang. It's time for gun control class. Let's whip up the outrage mob to pick a fight over the still warm dead bodies in the street, then channel it into a full on fascist attack machine against the NRA, GOP, and Donald Trump."

That's literally the only thing the Democrats know how to do.

I like @ThomasWic, he's a good man. He's thoughtful. And he says things like, "Mess with me, and you'll die." I respect that.

As for me, and what I understand about "trolls", well, I just know, and I'm not interested in playing Recriminations Pong with anyone.

Nevertheless, I know how to keep my follower count low...

If you reach out to people with something good and they blow it off like, pfft whatever, that's on them. That's not on you. Just let them go and keep your focus on the good your doing.

Now I have a Facebook page.

You can "like" it if you want. If you don't "like" it, but you want to tell me why it's not great, you can do that, too.

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...cryptic statement...

Truth is a strangely unknowable or mythological creature to most people in the media, something emotional if not entirely non-existent in reality.

So when Trump puts in all caps such a profound ideal, that has more in common with metaphysics than politics, such as the Golden Ratio, suddenly he's mysterious and "cryptic", yet the millions of people (and voters) in America know exactly what it means.

..Oh God Have Mercy On Me...

I'm tweeting threads within threads; if this catches on, what if I end up having the biggest channel on Twitter?


Meanwhile, the rumor is that MAGA Coalition is lawfare against QAnon:

Are we going to finally once and for all know who is behind the Q, or is it fake news?

This is a strange turn of events.

This tweet by @drawandstrike is linked in QAnon in a 'breadcrumb' drop in reference to MAGA Coalition...


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