Not so smart about "smart" appliances, eh?

Next up - washing machines and dryers stopping mid-cycle thanks to... "energy emergencies"

@mubby @Lemonhead

Colorado AC Rewards program - 22,000 customers.Voluntary, based on "incentives":

Customers receive a $100 credit for enrolling, $25 annually, customers agree to give up some control to save energy.

"It is a bit uncomfortable for a short period of time, but it's very, very helpful," said Romine.

Yeah, very, very helpful - just not to them.

They all got learned, didn't they?

@StevenDouglas @Lemonhead

Betcha dollars to donuts that her house had the AC cranked up to the max the whole time.

Watch, the next step in this energy fiasco will be METERED smart meters, where each house will get limited to X amount of KwH per day thanks to upgrades on existing "smart meters" like what PG&E runs in CA.

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