Afternoon peeps...

@Roncoleman is looking to support a Yeshiva.... He has asked anyone with $2 to make a donation...I would never pass along a donation request.. but he is special.. just ask @ThomasWic
Here., if you are interested..

BTW.. I have made modest donations myself.. and I am not Jewish, just sayin....


If most people understood how vulnerable electric service is.. they would be terrified.
Even at the distribution level, there is no protection, not out in the street.

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I told my online friends about your upcoming surgery.. They asked me to let you know that you are in their prayers... mine too.

Bless and keep you Steven.

I really despise Juan Williams.

Just sayin..

Hubby has the 5 on.. SMH

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@DarkTruth @Canadian4Trump @SwordOfLogic @epluribustrump

Least of all the fact that he's the one moving the chess pieces. Relaxed. From home. In his civvies.

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HUGE NEWS: Attorney Matthew DePerno Releases Michigan Elections Forensics Report – 66,194 Unregistered Ballots Tallied in JUST 9 COUNTIES

Among the findings:

Modem Chipsets Installed In Voting System Motherboards

66,194 unregistered ballots tallied in just 9 counties.

66,194 ballot voter IDs not found in the October registration database.

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There’s the smartest guy Joe Biden knows ... 😂😂 ... 😬

sometimes you gotta laugh..

Enjoy Saturday... remember laughter is healthy...

He died of a broken heart. It was his grandson.


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Fox is giving a long history..

His life spanned a century.. Literally.

I am not much of a Royal follower, but, the historical aspects of his life are interesting.

I just saw on the news that Prince Philip has died.

He was 99. Wow.

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So, one of the Floyd prosecution witnesses plead the fifth this week. It’s now coming out that Floyd likely got drugs from this person and quickly took them, hoping to prompt a ride to the hospital versus one to jail. Unfortunately he OD’d.

What’s really disgusting is Floyd’s “friends” probably knew he OD’d but kept quiet to not incriminate themselves.

Officer Tatum discusses the new bombshell evidence:

AmThink expounds on the “friends”:

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Good Morning, Quods☀️🌸🍒🌈✨

Always remember who we are🤩

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on a lighter note..

HT to whoever did this... bless and keep them...

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