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Yeah it's hard to watch. But that's what we have to do and hope for the best.

I am highly optimistic despite daily frustration with what is ultimately trivial circumstance.

Just got to keep that perspective.

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The Donald Trump nuclear bomb, would be the speech that starts off, " I used to be a Democrat..."

It would then continues with him telling all the stories about corrupt Democrat politicians in New York that he alludes to all the time but never elaborates on.

Getting it out there would of course be tough, as this lady has no idea about who our President really is. All her knowledge of him comes from people who hate him.

The red pill is watching a unedited video.

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I don't know if what this guy says is correct, but it's interesting.


Is Kamala Harris eligible to be Joe Biden's VP?

Kamala Harris, United States senator, former candidate for the president of the United States, and current prospective candidate for vice president in the upcoming election, has competing foreign citizenship with the country of Jamaica and preferential status with the country of India.

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Also Ted Cruz.

I think it's futile to dwell on stuff like this because it's not enforced. For it to be enforced we need to be on the other side of the river we're approaching.

Nothing against the Ted Cruz by the way but here we are. A country is so open that we actually elected self-declared foreign insurgents into our Congress.

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Well, think I'll head out to the back 40 and get some mowing done in my brand new GET OFF MY LAWN 3000.

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Oh that's exciting. All of us in our little community bubbles, sharing information between nodes.

I listen to all these smart people podcasts, big names, they are woefully trapped in one bubble. Eating and sleeping confirmation bias.

I think our president is strategizing for a popular vote and electoral college landslide. It will destroy every seeded leftist narrative and put the Dems definitely to bed.

Cranky brats that they are.


There's no way this was meant to be permanent. It's just another way to sneak a few dollars back into the pockets of Americans during this fake pandemic. The people who will benefit from it the most are the ones who earn the least It's like a getting a 10% raise approximately. It's been a while Don't hold me to that.

As a bonus It's just another thing for the left to misrepresent. There's no need for us to get worked up about it.

Well, here's Kuddles Kudrow to the rescue explaining what should be obvious to all but the most literal minded, middlebrow, educated beyond their understanding Democrat voter.

All this too shall pass.

did everyone read Carlos's thread about the line of succession? It's pretty great!



Which leads me to today's Democrat talking point. Did you know that by cutting payroll taxes in the midst of this economic tumult that evil Drumph was actually killing social security by executive order?

I didn't either, because obviously it's not true but in indomitable Democrat style they've turned a fat Christmas goose into a inedible pile of garbage for their idiot followers.

Can you imagine what it's been like for them, four years of constant freak out?


This douche nozzle with the completely anonymous profile, and Twitter name with numbers in it that looks suspiciously auto-generated. Called Carlos Osweda a bot.

Check out his stupid profile. He retweets John Favreau, Alyssa Milano and just about every other brainless Democrat Chicken Little, who while not bots are limited in their intellectual abilities in ways that will marvel historians for generations.



Let's hope right? All we can do is enjoy the ride up to the referendum on insanity as best as we can.


The last four years has been an accelerated dose of unpleasant truths that people can overlay over their personal experience.

Everybody already knows this stuff is what I'm saying but they've been ignoring it. Like I ignored all the little socialists. I just thought it was in group baffle-gab, but they're serious.

People working around ridiculous rules and procedures that prevent things from getting things done, should be realizing that the people making those rules are insane.


All kinds of people have been paying lip service to all kinds of nonsense. I was surrounded by socialism spouting nitwits, I was in a useless corrupt union.

I know many people in state, county and municipal administrations who spend no small part of their time working around nonsensical rules.

The best possible thing that could be happening is that people are realizing more than that it's all bullshit but maybe they starting to figure out where it's coming from and why it's bad.


It's ridiculous. I alternate between, I don't know frustration and a sense of hilarity about how retarded all of this is.

Then I realize I've forgotten my mask in the car and I have to go back for it and then I'm pissed off.

I look around and I wonder who's woke and by that I mean red pilled, and who's a marionette being yanked around by the Dems and the media.

People are routing around the failure that is the Democrats. This is better than a rhetorical win. People are learning.

"Let’s Clear up a Misconception — There Is NO DOJ Policy Preventing Indictments Prior to an Election"

Interesting article by Shipwreckedcrew that is quite optimistic.

As our friend often says, "Nobody knows how anything works."

The best thing about now, is that there are people willing to explain how things work, and there are channels for them to tell us.

No wonder the liars are all so very agitated.


I'm really looking forward to November and all the fun things that happen beforehand.

I'm also looking forward to the period after the election and prior to the inauguration. That will also be fun.

And I'm looking forward to the inauguration because hell yeah, 4 more years!


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