Ok, Let's call this the hope thread.

Things that indicate the tide is turning.

Like the Sandia Labs story, or the Hollywood insider talking about the SJWs geeting the boot or the Redbull owner firing the SJWs in human resources.

Reply to this and then keep replying to the latest reply, so it's a clean read with no side branches.

"There is a civil war erupting at

Following my investigation, a dissident electrical engineer named Casey Peterson emailed all 16,000 employees denouncing critical race theory in the lab and hoping to spark a rebellion against Sandia executives.

Here's the story.Thread"



A new rumor claims the top priority at Disney that will affect Marvel and Star Wars is to remove SJW employees as the top executives have realized that “Go Woke Go Broke” is not just a slogan.

YouTuber Overlord Doomcock, who prefaces his information saying, “I have heard the following information once again from a high level source and the persistence of this information leads me to believe there may be something to this story so I am presenting it to you now.”


Red Bull has fired two ‘diversity directors’ who tried to force the company into virtue signaling about Black Lives Matter while also dissolving several ‘culture teams’ who were pressuring Red Bull to take a more aggressive ‘woke’ political stance.

Stefan Kozak, its North America chief executive, and Amy Taylor, its North America president and chief marketing officer, have both left the Austrian drinks company..



This is a very positive trend!

They are seeing the results on their quarterly reports.

Course correction, abort mission!

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