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I am made weary by an unending tide of injustice, and now not a single thing stands between me and my willingness to believe the worst of any man or institution.

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I'm tired of feeling like a serf.

How about you?

This is the complete list of Libtard Grievances against Trump.

I read about twenty, which all consisted of he said something mean that hurt our fe-fes.

If you don't already know about McSweeneys, it is a popular leftist creative writing site. This may be a showcase of their greatest work.

It took four people to write it as the constant hand wringing had to be done relay style.

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@BirdDog While this is true, in terms of being glued to social media, people tend not to forget hardships due to the way we’re wired. Do you think the small business owners whose lives were ruined, either by “peaceful protest” or tyrannical lockdowns, could ever forget how they were demonized during hard times?

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Hey everyone, stay positive.

I think the lunatics are doomed, like all totalitarians they will come undone.

Reality is always more complex than a handful of sub-par idealistic strategists can deal with.

The proportion of the American population that will become ungovernable is way larger than has ever existed in any nation prior to ours.

Thirdly, we have 50 little nation states in our Shengen Area! People are going to experiment with democracy harder than usual.

Just some thoughts.

Is our belief still that DJT ordered the troop buildup in DC?

Might he have done that to just make the optics of JustSayNoToJoe's inaguration look as terrible as possible?

The entire world saw that as a military occupation as a usurper was sworn in.

That's how I saw it. Taking away all that I supposedly knew about what was going on, it looked terrible.

Draconian, bleak and counterfeit.

There is no way to shake that inauspicious beginning.

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Apologies in advance to Saul.

But Marjorie Taylor Greene is my hero. For filing articles of impeachment against Sleepy Creepy who chyna flu coughs more than he talks. Hope he croaks.

Sorry, not sorry. Fuck a democrat. Abolish em all. Already sick of their majority nonsense🤬

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You know all those Nat Guard they Deputized?

Here is an article about the scope, duration and purpose of Deputization in general.

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1. It is adorable to see Obama & Biden's apparatchiks acting like Trump never happened and that nothing has changed.

In this case, the Slimes reverts to type and puts up a cringeworthy puff piece on Jen Psaki, Joe's ambassador.

Psaki is a long time propagandist for Obama & Biden. She worked with Ben Rhodes to cover up the corruption & criminality. A nasty piece of work.

Anyway, back to my point.

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Yes. administrators can log in and change numbers. (in everything except voting machines of course 🙄 ) *sarcasm

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So, business owners, were you freedom-minded, operating an independent web site?

Or relying on Facebook as a "free" web presence??

My advice - YESTERDAY - you should register a domain name, hire a LOCAL (not wix) person to create at minimum a static web page, and gather your customers' email addresses.

Start a local email list, and for most, keep your politics off your business site. No point pissing off half the customers.

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Pardon me, sir.

I decide what choices I have. No one else tells me what they are, including you.

No ultimatums.

I choose what we have now, a Republican party that is being transformed from within into a far more conservative party.

A third party is self-destruction. It astonishes me that so many conservatives believe it is viable

You can be quite sure you will hear this from me again.

And again


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Much like DJT exposing the swamp, today has brought out the trolls, the Monday morning quarterbacks and all the hateful naysayers.

I have no interest in returning to the bleak futureless worldview that I once had as a obvious, normie Dem.

I love America and I will live in hope and refuse to succumb to despair.

So, blockity, block, block.

No time for losers.

We are the champions

Of the world.

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According to U-haul, the top 3 states people are fleeing to:

3) Florida

Notice there's not any liberal shithole states ... plus, 3 states with no income tax.

- and don't move to Florida with your liberal nonsense and ruin our state like you ruined yours.

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“It doesn’t take long to connect the dots. There were a few of us fighting for election integrity. And it just so happens that the ones who were doing that no longer have their chairmanships,” said state Sen. Burt Jones
3 Republican state senators in Georgia demoted after pushing for election integrity

As we are finding out in GA the corruption runs deep at the top

You could even consider the past 4 years as an advanced form of reconnaissance.

DJT now knows the contours of the system inside and out.

Everyone talked about how powerful King Zero was after he left office and set up around the corner. Let's be honest thought, he has always been a turtle on a post and without his army of true believers he is incompetent.

Same with Joe, he didn't get on that post by himself.

Donald Trump is in an entirely different class than the collectivists.

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