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I'm tired of feeling like a serf.

How about you?

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In the '90s Harper's magazine had interesting stories. I'm sure they're a leftist choir at this point. But back in the day I enjoyed reading it. At the time they had a really long and involved article about the construction of the Three Gorges Dam.

Construction that was fraught with corruption as politically connected subcontractors did substandard work and kept the funds allocated for a safe and proper job.

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The population of the New York Metropolitan Area is estimated to be 24 million as of 2015

The crowd size of the event on the right is estimated to be 100,000. The crowd size on the lest has not been estimated, but let's be generous and say they are the same size.

That would indicate that .4 percent of the population was present, assuming no one traveled to this event from the Northeast megalopolis with a population of 50 million. Cutting the percentage in half to two tenths of a percent

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From 1969 to 1995 the New York City murder rate was over 1000 a year.

I think this brackets the era of indifferent or misguided policing and administration.

There is a ramp up and a ramp down of course. Call it inertia. Warren Wilhem has benefited from this as the policies and resulting public habits created by his predecessors policies have made him look competent.

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@Torchbearer @REX @ThomasWic

Thomas cut apart the imaginary monoliths we had been trained to see.

Who are we against? The corrupt.

Who do we support? The good people.

How do we know what's up? The weapons used tell us!


Which sucks for them, but again as many have pointed out to these are the people they voted for.

Great optics for the president as Portland descends into chaos.

If Trump is re-elected their pain will ease and I am certain the justice department will be filing civil rights lawsuits against all of these cities that have allowed criminals to run amok for political reasons.

If President Trump is not re-elected well then I have no sympathy for these people.

We will have other urgent priorities.

Portland in all its wisdom and in the name of social justice and freedom will be releasing without charge anyone rioting or interfering with a police officer as long as, no matter how no matter how tenuously, the DA can ascribe political and free speech motives to their actions.

Which as this article predicts means that things are going to be getting much worse there.

The people of Portland will have to endure until after the election.

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Sooooo power just turned back on. Wifi also on. Cell service has been shit.
Apt is basically fine. Car is somehow fine. 115MPH winds.
Saw twitter update 3 times... didnt miss much.
I thankfully have gas, food and water for a couple weeks, and just wow.
A 115mph thunderstorm out of nowhere. Damn!
And yet we're still dling awesome compared to the ass party.

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Ladies and gentlemen your 2020 DNC pick for vice president.

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But one result of their own shutdown is that the Left are losing control of education

Their sinister idiocy and evil plans are now permanently recorded. They have been doing this for years for the most part in classrooms. Now we all know what they are doing. They will never again have that power.

Every plan they make backfires on to them, a boomerang.

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THat face you make when you get passed over to be Biden’s running mate, and you are ready to take all of your ANGER and RAGE out on the people of MICHIGAN!

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"New Hampshire’s real estate is selling quickly,( Gov.) Sununu said, adding that he’s getting frequent calls from companies looking to relocate to the “Live Free or Die” state.

One issue some of his state’s new residents may face is that... New York, Massachusetts and other high-tax states are “pickpocketing” New Hampshire residents by taxing out-of-state employees who are no longer commuting into their states to work. "

Time to take that belt in a notch New York!

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“Let’s Have A War!”

Because 2020 just didn’t have enough tricks up its sleeve, the specters of multiple wars seem to be popping up all over the place.

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Fell for it? She probably was in on it.

@AnnCoulter: "Never forget: Kamala fell for the most preposterous racist hoax in recent memory.

'An attempted modern day lynching!'

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AP: Andrew Cuomo Significantly Undercounted the Number of Nursing Home Victims He Murdered By Only Counting Those Who Died In the Nursing Home -- Rather Than at the Emergency Room or ICU, After Being Infected by Him -- as "Nursing Home Deaths"

Please won't somebody think of Gretchen Widmer?

She destroyed Michigan for the Democrats for no reason at all.

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So Kamala Harris for VP.

She will be approved of by voters who are already voting for Biden.

The choice adds nothing to the ticket.

She is the establishment left choice, so she doesn't appeal to already disaffected Sanders voters.

CA is a blue state, so she will not help swing her home state.

She is a poor speaker and debater, so she will not dazzle independent voters.

She is still far left, so she does not appeal to centrists.

Nice going, Biden's caregiver crew. Thanks for the gift. 👍

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remember. the left hates Kamala..she threw folks in jail

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Only in Canada - eh?

Parliament’s Budget Office can find no evidence of 20,000 projects subsidized with billions in federal tax dollars.

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Just voted. CT Republicans need to ramp up their game. Dems have their signs clearly marked and then displayed non endorsed Republican candidate up front w endorsed to side. Nothing about trump but Biden signs as you enter, as you pull up to doors, as you turn curve, as you exit lot.

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@RealMiniAOC: "Have you seen the Joe Biden boat parades? Me neither. They only sail between Venezuela and China."

(H/T @rising_serpent RT )

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odd, on hannity toninght these folks were completely turned around with that sign where it was facing the police building..
unless i was already crazy drunk

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