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Thomas cut apart the imaginary monoliths we had been trained to see.

Who are we against? The corrupt.

Who do we support? The good people.

How do we know what's up? The weapons used tell us!


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I'm tired of feeling like a serf.

How about you?

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Interesting question posed. The thread has what you'd expect in comments from both left and right.

Dinesh D'Souza (@DineshDSouza) Tweeted:

History typically remembers presidents with one line. “Washington was the father of the country.” “Lincoln freed the slaves.” How do YOU think history will remember Trump?

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So we went to take our dogs for a nice long walk. As we were walking, we noticed tons of Mike Bloomberg signs all over the neighborhood. I had a hard time believing there were so many fans in my neighborhood, although its a blue city. When we got home, guess what we found? Someone had put a Mike Bloomberg sign ON MY PROPERTY without my permission. I took it inside my house instead. No way I want his campaign finding it and using it again. If it's on my property, It's now my sign. Jerks.

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We must win in 2020. We will win in 2020-- when we do, we may well be treated to the most beautiful falling domino display of all time. Have faith. Vote. Wait.

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Jeffrey Jensen - Wikipedia

This is the guy from St Louis that Barr just brought in. I was curious, since he's from St Louis, (blue and crooked), but look who put him there in the first place. That put my mind at ease.

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"The Obscure Virus Club"

This podcast talks about the discovery of reverse transcriptase. It explores the heretical but brilliant scientists who persisted for decades in looking for viral causes of cancers, in the face of ridicule from scientific colleagues.

Revisionist History Podcast, episode 40: The Obscure Virus Club

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So if the most amazing President of all time, Donald J Trump, takes a lap in The Beast at Daytona tomorrow,

He will be the only one with a TRACK RECORD to run on.

(I'll see myself out)

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1. Remember, the DOJ didn't charge the Rosenberg's with 'lying to the FBI', or Congress.

They went for the killshot:


In fact there is much we can learn about whats happening today, from the Rosenberg case.

Why wouldn't you frame this as:

"Opportunity opens up as giant multinational corporation shoots itself in the foot!"

"Neigh, neigh, all is doom and glooooom!!"

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FACT: There was a point in our history when the biggest and baddest men were sent to war...for obvious reasons.

They were all killed.

We were left with short out of shape 'men' to run our govermnents, and online Intenet forums.

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@mrbungle I'm just out of surgery after traveling a long pain trail; your words are a flash of hope about myself and the road to justice. Thanks.

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@mrbungle Absolutely. This pertains to life in general, not just politics. An idiot hospitalist told my sister and B-I-L today (4 days after his stroke) and right before he gets transferred to one of the best rehab facilities in the country tonight) that he has very LITTLE hope of recovery because of where the stroke is located. My sister LAID into the asshole for a crappy bedside manner, not to mention a horrible attitude. The neurologist said there WAS hope right b4, as did Phys Therapists.

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Wishing all my favorite Quods the very best of Valentine's Days. And that means all of you.

I'm just not going to yoke my cart to a pessimistic horse.

There are a ton of these nags out there, Larry Schweikert being today's loudest neighsayer.

Pessimism is corrosive to hope and hope the only thing that matters to happiness, success, and true progress.

You give up on hope and you are embracing death.

If you've embraced death in your personal journey and managed to break it's hold on you, then you know this to be true.

Never give up.

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@ThomasWic @masterblaster

Abandoned in Hell - Vietnam

"This is the actual radio traffic from the early morning of 10/31/69 from Firebase Kate between the ground commander & the Spooky gunships orbiting the base. Call sign Chickenhawk is Capt Bill Albracht, the commander of the base, while he is leading his small group of Americans & Montangards ..."

Part 1

Part 2

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"... the real voting takes place in secret & long before Feb 21. The clerics pick the winners & losers before the ballots are even cast... The elections on Feb 21 are pure theater that exist to deceive the world about the tyranny in Tehran."

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