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Thomas cut apart the imaginary monoliths we had been trained to see.

Who are we against? The corrupt.

Who do we support? The good people.

How do we know what's up? The weapons used tell us!


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I'm tired of feeling like a serf.

How about you?

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Watching these coddled tech billionaires and CEOs tossing money at BLM and other RevCom groups reminds me of how medieval kings tried to stave off raiding parties of Northmen.

Results will be the same.

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The best thing about abolishing the police is that there will be no one to compile crime statistics. Therefore no crime! It will work out perfectly. Democrats are very smart.

"Crowd triples in size in DC for 5th night of protests, in violation of curfew but peaceful"

!!! Triples in size !!!

So from what to what?

I can't find numbers on crowd size at any of these protests.

We are being gaslighted again. There are less people participating in this then we are lead to believe.

I only see shots of hundreds and low thousands in the daytime for the peaceful parts.

I'd love to see anything concrete that anyone runs across.

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Is it possible that President Trump and AG Barr along with our National Treasure Rudy G will be preparing RICO cases against Democratic run states and cities?

It’s clear the leaders of these states and cities are working with Antifa...this is what Rudy G specializes in

Just a thought

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@drawandstrike had an OUTSTANDING thread at lunch today.
💣 💥
- Press fooled again
- Regular Duty military all this week was just a "Look Squirrel !"
- Gov & Mayors CAN'T stop what Barr & Trump setup
- Antifa destroyed in next couple days
- Umm, what if EVERY swat team in the entire US came together under FBI umbrella?

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@MZHemingway thread summarizing the Q&A portion of today's DOJ press conference.

@MZHemingway: "Journalist asks Barr why he took action against DC rioters -- he says rioters had damaged buildings in Lafayette Park, used crowbars to dig up sidewalks for bricks, many injuries to LEO at WH, including 22 hospitalizations, involving serious head injuries..."

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Seeing this idea being mentioned more. True or not, perception can be damning especially when there was no valid reason to refuse to return when so many others did. Would love to see them questioned about it right up to November..


Do you understand now why so many Dems have refused to return to DC?

They knew.

1:34 AM · Jun 1, 2020

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Where's JFK? Oh, that's right, he got his head blown off.

Left Can't Meme.

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"Orange County Mayor and Husband of Possible Dem VP Candidate “We Don’t Want Republican Convention”"

This is the county Orlando and it's massive convention center is in.

Look at the comments, people are pissed. Yet another scumbag Democrat screwing over his consituents.

Pulling out of NC is also going to cost the Dems there for the same reasons.

I still think Atlanta will be it. but this tango might solid up support in three state for the GOP.

"I could go on with dozens of unexplored questions, debates we apparently cannot have. The damn staff of the NYT is in rebellion because they published a single dissenting editorial. These people used to claim, "I buy banned books.""

Drew Holden does a lovely thread complete with screenshots calling out the people who called us grandma killers for wanting to go to church. Who now are all in for the kissing chaos of the protests.

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@mrbungle Its ridiculous, but if you dare speak out about it on twatter people lose their mind. So of course I call it out as much as possible. 😂

This is gold.

Talcum X, also known as Shaun King, trifling trans-black race hustler is now spurned for being a grifter.

Archived version of a daily beast article.

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