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Thomas cut apart the imaginary monoliths we had been trained to see.

Who are we against? The corrupt.

Who do we support? The good people.

How do we know what's up? The weapons used tell us!


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I'm tired of feeling like a serf.

How about you?

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The media are destroying themselves.

Their paranoid hysteria and apocalyptic frenzy are the result of a loss of power that is permanent.

No one who is secure in power behaves that way. They are terrified, and playing out their fear every day - which only makes it worse.

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Interesting read considering recent events...

"Government of Ukraine Report on Diagnostic Study of Governance Issues Pertaining to Corruption, the Business Climate and the Effectiveness of the Judiciary"

Prepared with the Assistance of the Legal Department of the International Monetary Fund

July 11, 2014

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@redwhitebluedude @timr @REX @DuaneCates Not exactly stealth. People were shooting warning flares about this back to the 50's. More like complacency on our part.

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Their absolute power and privilege has been based on political power and legal power that have accumulated slowly but very surely for 85 years. Add secrecy and mutual protection - and that is their foundation.

Their political power is in rapid decline. Their legal power is under constant siege by legions of new, comparatively young judges. Their veil of secrecy has been torn off permanently.

Their protection of each other will fall away because they are craven, privileged cowards.

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1. CIA/FBI infiltration of the media - this is one of the critical issues that I'm hopeful will be exposed in the coming months.

It's been going on for decades, but it seems obvious to me that Obama's goons escalated the infiltration to unprecedented levels. The MSM has gone off the rails.

They now openly defend criminals.

It's chilling to think about what would have happened under a Clinton presidency, with this media apparatus in place. A genuine police state.

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@mrbungle @JeanK @shem_infinite @EngOnDemand

We haven't seen the articles of impeachment yet. Salt and Pepper may just be included 😉

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Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!

"The real “crisis” for former State Department bureaucrats and their colleagues who have been recycled back to the Ivy League campuses from whence they came is not that Trump poses an existential threat to national security—it’s that he poses a legitimate threat to their professional sinecures."

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Does it matter?

In a kinder and gentler time, he might have been referred to as a bachelor.

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First we went after the ones we called Nazis
Because who doesn’t want to punch a Nazi?

Then we went after the TERFs because they wouldn’t have sex with us after we called ourselves women, either.

Then we went after rich white guys for drinking bottled water.

And then we, I mean they, came after me for some stupid shit. And I was hurt and confused because I wasn’t a Nazi or a TERF or a rich white guy.

And I saw us, I mean them, the way everyone else sees them. And the mob has no mercy.

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Rachel Maddow has been pushing unfounded and salacious conspiracy theories for years about President Trump and Republicans.

But her lies finally caught up with her a few months ago when the conservative network One America News Network (OANN) smacked her with a cease and desist letter.

She is now in court trying to defend herself because she's being sued for $10 million for claiming a OANN reporter is a Russia asset trying to subvert America and help Trump.

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Season 3 of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is now streaming on Amazon.
It opens with Midge performing at a USO show and she suggests some article themes for the Army magazine.....
"Camouflage: How to stand out while blending in."
Oh, here's one for the generals:
"How to take care of your privates."

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Finally watched Pelosi.


Wanted to share a little shiver I just had.



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@Dawnz Poor dude has a black cloud hanging over his head, it's not his fault.

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Willie gets a mention in this Tragically Hip song 'Bobcaygeon':

R.I.P. Gord Downie.

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Due to H-Weird being so incredibly bereft of any creativity in the last few decades I have resorted to watching older films.
Working my way through John Wayne filmography now.

T.W. suggested "Bad Day at Black Rock" Bought it used on the rest is history.

Big Jake - 1971 Pretty good film.

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Bull Moose is an NE store but they ship everywhere.
Most cases they're better than Ebay when it comes to finding obscure, used titles.
They also deal in VINYL, new and used.

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Sweet dreams, Abdullah.

@Doranimated: "The US struck with precision 2 terrorists in a minivan in Atmeh, Syria (10 miles from where ISIS leader al-Baghdadi was killed). The weapon used was a 'Ninja' missile that, to minimize civilian deaths, carries no explosive warhead. After smashing in, 6 sword-like blades open up."

(H/T @drawandstrike RT )

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