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"What storm, Mr President?"

DJT: "You'll find out."

It's gonna be biblical.

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Why do I insist that Trump has a solution?

Because nothing that's happened since the election is NORMAL.

Simple as that.

You ignore or dismiss signs to your own peril. Strange, inexplicable actions MEAN SOMETHING.

Until and unless you research Trump IN DEPTH, you're not qualified to have a relevant opinion on him.

He NEVER surrenders,and he NEVER walks away from a fight.

He promised us that he'd fix all this.

Good enough for me. I can wait.


I've a genuine feeling Bitcoin will be used very soon to take some really rich liberals to the cleaners....

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Trump and his businesses have been involved in 4,000 federal and state legal actions.

I’d say he has more experience than most of the armchair quarterbacks.

Allow the artist time to perfect the work before submitting to doom and gloom.

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We are nearly 11 hours away from Trump's impeachment defense.

Either it will be relatively banal and boring, or it will be absolutely WILD.

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@ThomasWic 1) Again, sorry about your brother.

2) It was 0bamacare that convinced me the Democrats were impractical. It was the persecution of Kavanaugh that convinced me they were insane. It was BLM/Antifa that convinced me they were evil. And it was the nomination of Biden that convinced me they were stupid.

I was damn well *raised* a Democrat in the 70s and 80s. Nowing what I know now, it's like I escaped an insane asylum

Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax claims Biden legitimately won the election. WTF?! What is Dershowitz smoking, anyone??

Who else thinks we will see 'caught with the hand in the cookie jar' type of evidence presented by DJT's attorneys during this sham trial?

Swalwel is convinced there was no fraud in the election 😃

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