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Both my white parents grew up poor in middle America.
My husband and I grew up in middle-income families: big families with 5 and 6 kids.
When we got married decades ago we had nothing. We worked hard and saved; lived within our means.
Today we live quite comfortably and for that, we're called 'racist.'
When did working hard to get ahead change to being racist and white nationalist?

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I leave good and evil to God.

He decides:

Good trees and bad trees,
Wheat and chaff,
Sheep and goats.

I look for to expose the lie.

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All you artist out there
(This is for me too)


"The artist is nothing without the gift
The gift is nothing without work"

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The key to victory was Donald J. Trump.

He did everything he was asked, and he took more flak than any human being in the history of the planet.

But some of us know what happened.

This new form of warfare allows major conflicts to be fought in total secrecy.


It allows for almost no collateral damage.

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Amen, Thomas. I knew he was offering at cost, but didn't know he'd offered it for free.

I get so enraged by the Dems destructive idiocy!

They hate Trump for his goodness, honesty, and patriotism.

They've spent their whole careers "compromising" their way to the top.

They repulse me.


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10. It's amazing to live in such historical times.

And very sad to think about the crimes that have occurred.

But we should all be angry. And we MUST demand vindication.

After all, the crime was against US, as well.

The end.

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Another picture of Obama looking worried. Probably not feeling so invulnerable anymore. Now just another idiot who underestimated Trump.

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The moral of the story here: we have so much to learn from our elder Americans.

Just ask them a question. They spend so much time being invisible in this culture that seems to idolize youth above all else, that they are rarely given an opportunity to share.

It's tragic because their stories are AMAZING!

And a well-placed question will here and there will leave you shaking your head in wonder afterwards.

This is my new favorite form of treasure hunting. Better than digging potatoes even

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PLEASE don't give these insane killers what they want the most : FAME.

Don't name them.

Don't post their photos or video.

Don't give them any attention. That's what they want.

If they're not dead already, let them die in jail, anonymous.

Right now, just pray for the dead. RIP 🙏

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When I pray and Thank God for my many blessings, this man is on that list. For the first time in my adult life, a President is on that list.

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8. Here's another moronic smear merchant, who despite being stunned at Trump's apparent long term associations & links with mobsters, crooks, Russians etc, fails to answer the most basic of questions and connect the dots:

Why wasn't Trump ever indicted?

It's similar to how leftists accuse Carter Page of being a Russian agent, but can't explain why he's walking around in the US, free as a bird.

Dear me. Reality is going to be harder for them, than I ever assumed.


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Can you imagine that conversation? The fear must have been palpable over the phone. I'm sure the Trumps will laugh out loud over dinner for years recounting that one.

God, I hope he writes a book.

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Trump has been saying for a long time, "Two can play the harassment game, and I have much more on you than you have on me."

He probably told her his plans.

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I saw a French citizen serving as a Marine.

He said, "French by birth, American by choice, and a Marine by the grace of God."

Tribalism is what keeps so many cultures from advancing.

I'm a nationalist, but I'm not tribal.

My "tribe" is good Americans.


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Ever since the 2018 election, Trump has been saying, "You don't want me to fight back. If I choose to fight back, you're going to regret it."

So he made his call, and Pelosi is now in a panic.

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When someone dies, we are at a loss for words. They seem inadequate. What can we say? What can we do? Nothing seems to be enough when someone we care about is devastated by death. Be there. That's about it. When my mom died, her hospice nurse came to the funeral. Her being there was the most awesome thing for my family.. Recognizing our loss by her presence helped. We were so grateful. Pretty much covers life too. Just be there and take someone's hand.

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The worst thing you can do is lie to yourself.

Japan is a totally conformist society, so women went along.

And they clearly regret it.

It's time that people be individuals and reject societal mores that cause a lifetime of regret.

If Japanese women have regrets, you can bet that western women do too.

Lying about regrets doesn't make them go away.


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@ThomasWic The debate surrounding abortion is very personal to me. I could easily have been aborted. I was born in the very early 60's when unwed teenaged mothers were shamed and abortion was not a word that was spoken. Fortunately, my natural mother chose to give me up for adoption. She gave me the gift of a wonderful family, a good life, and children of my own. After carrying, birthing, and raising my children, I don't understand how a woman could kill her baby.

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