@ilumanous That some female is his granddaughter apparently. 😬

@Debradelai @LI_Catfish The older these women get the worse their clothing and acts become. They are trying too hard to get over their menopause and acting like whores in front of a nation to feel desirable.

@ThomasWic Something that is non-political and very enjoyable that I thought would share with you as you are a musician too. Ashley Campbell does such a great job covering this song.


@ThomasWic I have a question. Do you think House GOP will vote for impeachment to get to the Senate in case Dems votes are not enough? I bet POTUS wants a Senate trial but if the votes are not enough what will be the back-up option to expose Democrat corruption?

@ThomasWic He admitted in his rally that the whistleblower was given false information and the Democrats leapt at it without a thought. Then he asked to release the transcript. I don’t know how many caught that in yesterday’s speech.

@ThomasWic That’s where all the dirty clothes will end up.

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Happy Halloween Quods. every other girl went as a princess but my little one went as her favorite food

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You watch liars and then report that they're lying.

This is why people are so upset when they should be doing cartwheels of joy.

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My biggest issues with Scott,
- Constantly promotes Thernobitch (big red flag)
- Solution to every problem is "persuasion".
- Changes his predictions all the time like a whore changes her undies. Even a monkey fwould have predicted Trump's win had they paid attention to what was happening in the country.
- Constantly promotes his book, podcast and his app when imparting his persuasion knowledge.

@Totaljack The bats come out at night in huge numbers and you should stand on the bridge over the river to see them. It's cool.


@Debradelai Trump's latest tweet proves this. Numbnuts walked into a quagmire with his army and now its time to bomb the hell out of his Muslim Brotherhood friends.

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