@Totaljack The bats come out at night in huge numbers and you should stand on the bridge over the river to see them. It's cool.


@Debradelai Trump's latest tweet proves this. Numbnuts walked into a quagmire with his army and now its time to bomb the hell out of his Muslim Brotherhood friends.

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@JJ Probably the reason why Biden started campaigning.

@ThomasWic I just watched this video on POTUS and it makes me think POTUS' hidden team probably had a hand in getting the Ukranian President get elected. He started campaigning just 6 months before election and ran on targeting corruption. He gets elected and now they are targeting it together.


@wziminer @ThomasWic @Momma_Voke @Elaines2cents Yep and it is going to happen. We love Trump more than anything. Trump is not campaigning for the second term, he is campaigning to get a super majority in the House and the Senate. Keep an eye out for such big events in CA too.

@DennisCampbel16 1 Zuckerberg to say “FB as a platform engages the audience into a discussion on any topic and if you would like to sell light bulbs then advertise on our platform”

@Alex_Graham I was in Israel a month ago and was surprised to see West Bank already prospering. The anti Israel propagandists do a good job of hiding the truth from the rest of the world. Honestly, the safest place for an Arab in the Middle East is in Israel.

@ThomasWic Same feeling here. May God bless him and his administration.

@ThomasWic Wow! I have no words. What happened to movies like "Stand By Me" or "Breakfast Club". Those were teenage kids movies with an element of rebel in it. This is degrading to a teenagers intellect.

@Scarletteverb @inverness01 Leave politics out for the second date and just get to know each other. He already knows that you are a Trump supporter so you have piqued his interest as majority in LA aren't like you. I am from CA too and I have seen many intelligent and interesting people give the most stupid answers when it comes to Trump.

Good luck on the second date.

@MissVickAZ If he fell into the water, he would be swimming in full gear and boots. Wow!

@Sarah_Roberts @ThomasWic Without proof the names are useless. Feds probably have a lot more than we know so far from the indictment that’s why Pelosi’s daughter and Bill Clinton are sending panicked messages. Deal or no deal, it won’t stop at Epstein.

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