I have a @ThomasWic like idea. Hear me out, it sounds far fetched but this is a new era under President Trump.

There are no coincidences in life when it comes to Trump. Justin Amash is going all impeach Trump suddenly out of nowhere. Why? Why would anyone do that? Trump is very good with all GoP, even the swamp ones because he needs them for his agenda. But why is Amash suddenly committing career suicide.

I am thinking he is working with Trump. He will do the impeachment dance till 2020 and run as an independent or Libertarian.

Some of the crazy Dems will vote for him and cause the Dem vote to split. What better way to win that fracture the Dem vote?


I don't buy his China connections theory because it will not help him to be anti-Trump in such a case. If you fucked up then it is in your interest to be nicer to Trump.

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