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Maybe we need to stop asking the left, "How stupid can you get?"
They're taking it as a challenge! 😂😂😂

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"Generations of Palestinians have lived under adversity and loss, but the next chapter can be defined by freedom and dignity.

Today, we're unveiling Peace to Prosperity: the most ambitious international effort for the Palestinian people to date."

Today is a special day so I am going to be in gear here in California to show my support to the President. Maybe one day I can vote for a Trump (maybe Ivanka).

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Trump is polling MASSIVELY HIGHER among black, Hispanic, Asian, and Jewish voters than he did in 2016.

That is all you need to know.

I just don't get how people think that Zuckerberg and Dorsey are smarter than Trump.

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Trump is FAR BETTER POSITIONED NOW than he was in 2016.

He defeated a household-name politician given a nearly 100 percent chance to win.

Who's running against him now?

Nightmarish buffoons.

And Trump has DELIVERED.

Not one of the buffoons has delivered.

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@NevadaJack @Beemer4Trump

List off my head:

North Korean mass executions.

Bombing of Idlib, Syria, with incendiaries.

The wall being built on the border.

The Democrats raving about impeachment.

The Middle East uniting against Iran.

AG Barr refuting everything Mueller did and said.

China threatening war every other day.

Tariffs on Mexico.

Invasion by illegals from all over the globe.

Since there's too much to keep track of, that tells me that something is up.

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@mirali @knotreally @Lisa22 @umad80 @DuaneCates @JohnCParnell

Anyone who says Trump is in a worse position now than in 2016 is insane.

That's all there is to it.

Pure madness.

I don't buy his China connections theory because it will not help him to be anti-Trump in such a case. If you fucked up then it is in your interest to be nicer to Trump.

Some of the crazy Dems will vote for him and cause the Dem vote to split. What better way to win that fracture the Dem vote?

I am thinking he is working with Trump. He will do the impeachment dance till 2020 and run as an independent or Libertarian.

There are no coincidences in life when it comes to Trump. Justin Amash is going all impeach Trump suddenly out of nowhere. Why? Why would anyone do that? Trump is very good with all GoP, even the swamp ones because he needs them for his agenda. But why is Amash suddenly committing career suicide.

I have a @ThomasWic like idea. Hear me out, it sounds far fetched but this is a new era under President Trump.

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This little aoc girl videos are actually pretty funny. The boyfriend part with the free James woods part got me. 😂 twitter.com/miniaocofficial/st

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It's vacuformed plastic.

The waviness would distort the pilot's vision so dramatically that he couldn't fly.

Compare that fake thing's canopy to REAL jet-fighter canopies.

I always said that Ben Shapiro can only debate naive college kids. Put him to test and he wimps out. Little Benji likes to go at Trump but little fella couldn't handle even a little bit of heat. Jealous Lil Benji can never be even 0.01% of what Trump is.


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I've had it.

I was looking forward to that fishing trip (not anymore.)

I was patient.

As asked you not to tag me with these idiocies.

Ok. Have it your way.

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1. Happy Birthday, Melania Trump.

What a magnificent First Lady she is. And not just that.

Melania is probably the most powerful woman in America. Which means the world. Why?

POTUS Donald J Trump doesn't just love her. He RESPECTS her, immensely.

I've no doubt that Trump turns to Melania for advice on EVERYTHING.

Many are distracted by Melanie's stunning beauty. They forget - Melania is easily the most intelligent FLOTUS in recent history.

Perhaps EVER.


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