So if they really don't want Biden to be the candidate and they successfully take him out; Wall Street says Hell No to Pokahonky, who will the dems look to?

@mimimayes Hillary, of course. She's going on multiple talk shows this week. 2016 election 2.0

Pokahonky. That's funny. Never heard that one before!

@mimimayes Hillary is out sniffing around, maybe she wants to grace us with another candidacy. 🤮🤮🤮


Killery's cage has been rattling lately ... just saying ...

@Cdubois @mimimayes I said the same thing. She is doing a bunch of talk shows and interviews this week. I wouldn't put it past her to try for a 2016 redux.


Yup. She's gearing up for her "I told you so" campaign. And all the Dems are saying our great economy and the jobs growth are because of Obama.

They're either liars, they're stupid, or they're stupid liars.


@wziminer @Cdubois @mimimayes Apparently a lot of (stupid) people, maybe even Hillary herself, believe that if Trump is impeached, the presidency won't go to Pence (notice he's never even mentioned) but that Hillary will be crowned the new POTUS.

@Jackie @Cdubois @mimimayes Nobody understands how this country works anymore. No civics necessary, apparently.

@wziminer I had to take and pass a civics class before I graduated from high school in California. That's no longer a requirement. @Cdubois @mimimayes


The Left has devalued every award. Now they're rendering diplomas meaningless.

Wow. 😡

@Jackie @wziminer @mimimayes

@Methadras @Jackie @wziminer @Cdubois @mimimayes
Sadly I think you are correct, third grade civics in the catholic grade school I attended

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