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Corker (now retired and booed off the stage in Nashville)

And Lamar Alexander (soon to retire)

Are not well-liked in TN.
Marsha is an improvement.

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Your incessant carping and fear bullshit about Republicans in the Senate, with no basis in fact define you as a complete and utter moron with zero understanding.

Your toots speak for themselves.

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@DonnaLea @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis

Was on the way home one commute when Mark was coming on to Sean's radio show. As typical with the show, each half hour starts with his insane montages and when it was over he finally got around to interviewing Mark and the first words out of Marks mouth were;

Are you going to interrupt me? In a serious tone mind you.

Sean was left speechless for a few seconds.

That was the moment his interrupting Mark ended.

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* Can you say Logan Act? *
John Kerry admits he an others running secret meetings behind Trumps back & think Dems have the right to do so. Shadow government of Democrats

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A large cache of confidential foreign documents have just been released by John Solomon implicating Joe Biden, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Joseph Misfud's collusion and possible criminal activity in Ukraine.

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One of the greatest public services President Trump has done for the nation is forcing institutions & people to reveal their true character.

While this has been the most valuable when it comes to the media, it has also been valuable when it comes to unmasking globalist Republicans.


I have never watched any Periscopes except The Dilley Show.

Every time I have to SEARCH to find him on Periscope.

Everything is rigged against our side.

When is the actual VOTE on impeachment?

How do they hold these stupid hearings without a vote first?

Mrs. John McStain:

"This is not the party John and I belonged to. "

Deplorables: Amen to that.

You people ever wonder what Keith Schiller is doing now? You know he's still working for Trump.

He's just behind the scenes.

The nominee should be Kameltoe Kamala.

In addition to her radicalism on every issue, she can't think on her feet. POTUS would dispense with her easily.

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Jack Posobiec
Biden: I bribed Ukraine lol

Trump: We should investigate this

Ukraine prez: Yes I agree

Dems: Impeach Trump, elect Biden

Media: Honk Honk
8:27 AM · Sep 27, 2019

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Harold Finch says

Ambassador Volker is out bc his connections to the McCain institute make it clear he is a subversive. Watch for information to come out he is connected to people acting against President Trump.

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