I do wonder who has the final authority to declare the “real” vote count.

Is this based on a specific deadline? Are there votes that can be indisputably disregarded? Were voting machines involved?

I dearly want to see how it pans out. I WANT TO BE ROCKED!!

If you know anyone who gets the China virus, you can get HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc & azithromycin or amoxicillin (if heart condition) through telemedicine link on Americas Frontline Doctors website. I got them to prescribe HCQ as a prophylactic since I run a residential addiction ministry. The bottle said to take one tablet per day for 5 days and then once a week “until the pandemic is over”. But a daily dose of vitamin C and D will go a long way toward prevention.

If I had a choice, I would much prefer to read an Orwell novel than to live in one.


Wild fantasy.

I admit it. No evidence at all for it.

Looks like whatever happens will happen tomorrow.

The Senate is back in session.

So wouldn't it be great IF:

Just remember: if you are completely confused at this point about what Trump is going to do by January 20th that means Nancy Pelosi and all of Trump's enemies are all completely confused also, and so they can't mount any real defense to stop what he's going to do.


1)Why was Trump immediately accused of being a narcissist & seeking to be president for admiration & power? What purpose did it serve to accuse him of narcissism?
How many ppl even know what narcissism is? How do narcissists think & behave?

And then for some, can we trust Trump to fulfill his ultimate promise? Is he really a narcissist?

H/T @REX and @ThomasWic for the inspiration.

I am a conspiracy theorist. I have been since before it was a derogatory term. That is to say, I have been theorizing that there were powerful people in powerful positions who were conspiring to some end other than the accumulation of more wealth. We know these people by their relatively new name: The Swamp.

President Trump has trapped you all.
By returning after the tumult THEY arranged & then sweeping aside all LEGITMATE State objections they just stuck their pointy little heads into the (MAGA) Lion's Jaws.
And this patient Lion has worked up one HELL of an appetite the last four years.
That Joint Session certifying a STOLEN ELECTION will doom many of them.
A political doom for sure & for some when it can be proved having done it KNOWINGLY=Prison.
Cautionary Tales galore.

1. The American people had to learn the hard way how easy it is to lose our freedoms.

2. Letting the steal and the aftermath happen allows Trump to destroy ALL his enemies with one blow: The Reveal.

Nobody can take anything back.

They hanged themselves with their own actions.

And Trump emerges as the most powerful person in human history.

Luckily he's an altruist who can be trusted with that power, which he gives up in 2024.

But not before retribution.

I'm just not understanding how with the official statement from the Italian attorney, the affidavit of the young man who made the switches & that there's an indictment for the arrest of the Prime Minister why is it that this is still, or can be, an issue? Doesn't this, clearly, prove Trump won? How can all of this not be in the proper US court to resolve and overturn? Tell me what am I missing.

Discussion of the Executive Order addressing foreign election interference of Sept 2018 starting at 11:30. Report to recommend 'remedial' actions that can be taken by the government.

I think this answers my question about what can be done about stolen elections. Could it remove Senators and Reps who won with fraudulent votes?

Appreciate others' thoughts.


@ThomasWic I’ve been thinking about this since the election. They used vote switching software in more than just these six toss-up states. How can it be that DJT won by millions of votes, but Republicans didn’t win close races. It goes against the trend.



I imagine that they can also prove that the Democrats no longer control the House.


This is why I stopped making videos for YouTube.

I got called a traitor for saying that the Nashville suicide bomber was not a "false flag."

I stopped counting at 300 comments. I didn't point out that the conspiracy theories are retarded, plausible only to retarded people.

Those goobers have no idea why Trump chose Pence. They're totally unaware of Pence's clandestine dealings with our Middle East allies while he was still governor.


The FCC has already issued an enforcement advisory, which suggests an Emergency Broadcast blackout soon.
On the 6th, President Trump said for everyone to DISPERSE & GO HOME. That warning is a requirement before invoking the Insurrection Act. This will halt any uproar from anyone including Antifa, BLM, etc.
So, all of this tells many people that communications will be cutoff soon & the Insurrection Act will be invoked.
The darkness before the light. The Storm before the calm.

@NorthWallJoe Wictor's analysis techniques are second to none. He is very thorough and isn't afraid to make a logical guess which is typically accurate. He should write a college curriculum on research techniques given how the villains in academia have trashed the entire field. It might be necessary to given the harm they have done for decades.

@ThomasWic this is the only reason that makes sense to me. Impeaching a POTUS who is supposedly on his way out in 2 weeks would be like cops arresting a guy on his death bed with hours to live. What I don’t get is why they are even bothering with impeachment 2.0 since they’ll never get the required 2/3 of the senate to convict.

Got stop for speeding & the State Trooper asked where I was headed. I told him that President Trump wants us Patriots in DC Jan 6. He looked at me & said from One Patriot to another, I’m deleting this ticket from my system, promise me you won’t speed & go make a differenceFolded handsRed heartFlag of United States

@ThomasWic We're fine. He's fine, of course. This is literally the moment between the lightning & the THUNDER

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