The establishment moves against ANTIFA.

At first glance, a good move. Right?

But consider again.

These idiots are demonizing extremists on both the left and right, with outright purges and intimidation. The objective is to silence them.

History proves how dangerous that is.

Sure, radical anarchists such as ANTIFA may wage war against radical right-wing militias. But they may also join together out of convenience.

I wonder if DC bureaucrats ever thought of that.

Believe it or not, but ANTIFA and militias such as The Oathkeepers share common goals.

They are both anti-government and in particular despise what each view - from different perspectives - as authoritarianism.

And boy oh boy, by these clumsy and foolish actions, Biden and his incompetent bunch of idiots are giving them reason to join up, in some way.

Let's hope that doesn't happen.

I sure miss Trump.

The end.


Antifa are kind of a dichotomy though.

Many of them are Anarcho-Communists, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense & tells me they don't really know what they believe.

Either way, they've been useful idiots for the Democrat party this entire time - which Yuri Bezmenov said, they would be the first ones up against the wall.

@metalblonde1114 @REX

Antifa are international.

Lots of anarcho-communists cause havoc around the world (esp Europe & Latin America)--it doesn't really matter to them that you understand their ideology.

Anyone who considers antifa local useful idiots for the organized political left establishment is missing the bigger picture.

@AngryDuey @REX

As if the left didn't use them all of last summer (& even before that) to create chaos & burn down city blocks across this country...sure, ok.

And I never said anything about them only being in the US, but we were talking about the US in this particular conversation

But please, tell me what "bigger picture" I'm missing 🙄

@metalblonde1114 @REX

See DNC HQ in PDX. Chaos.

Bigger picture is longstanding push to extinguish capitalism around the globe, with special attn on the US of A as the leader of the free world.

h/tip @RonOgletree

Communist Agenda Found in 1958 Book, 1963 Congressional Record | Christian Activities
See also CCP today.

@REX alluded to a potential antifa - oathkeepers alliance.
You said antifa ideology makes no sense.

It is a chaos web.👨‍🌾

@AngryDuey @REX @RonOgletree

But that's not what I said. I said their Anarcho-Communism beliefs are a dichotomy.

Anarchism is an ideology of no government
Communism is an ideology of collectivism that throughout history leads to an authoritarian government.

I'm currently on the 2nd part of the 8 part series of The Gulag Archipelago - they're 11 hrs long on audiobook.

I'm getting quite the brutal history lesson on what Communism is...

@AngryDuey @REX @RonOgletree

I'm well aware of how much they despise Capitalism. They say they want Communism under the guise of their compassion for the poor, but really it's because they hate the rich. And if you look at anything they say or do, they have just as much disdain for the poor.


Thank you for the reply.

I agree that anarchism and communism conflict. I've seen avowed anarchists and communists working together in the streets to destroy property and sow chaos. My only point on that was: they do not seem to mind the disconnect of root ideas; they do not seem to be trying to win us over as converts. They only seem interested in chaos. Interestingly, the groups I have witnessed (not in the U.S., altho I am back home now) seem to have lots of funding.



I agree completely with what you're saying here. The amount of funding flowing into these "organizations" is astounding.

I remember a time when it was shameful to admit you were a Communist. I now have friends I went to Jr High school with that proudly admit they want full-blown Communism for this country - it makes me ill.

Communism should be as horrific a word as Nazism, and yet it seems to be spreading like a plague. I seriously don't get it 🤦


And I agree with you!

What just happened is we butted heads a bit but figured out we are on the same side. I think it is exceptional that you are reading the Gulag Archipelago and so aware of the dangers of communism today.

Americans flirting with communism need people like you to alert them to the very real threat it is to our country.

Thank you for a good back and forth! I really respect you for calling me to task. 😀

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