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I had something pretty incredible happen this weekend

I'm a member of a B-29 WWII page on FB because my grandfather was a B-29 Capt who was KIA on 4-16-1945

A man posted a "On this day" type post about a major bombing run that occurred over Nagoya on 3-26-45.

I know my grandfather was involved in some of those runs, I'm just not sure of the dates & so I commented saying something to that effect.

The man went on to ask me my grandfather's name, so I told him.
He messaged me the next day

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Yes, always a good thing!

And as research continues, I'm sure there will be more vaccines and therapeutics!

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@metalblonde1114 Sounds like a typical sob story. He forgot to mention that he walked to school in the snow barefoot. Iti was uphill both ways.

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@metalblonde1114 Dude is in a bubble alright. So Trump magically built all those skyscrapers all by himself?

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George is also Rosemary Clooney’s nephew & his dad was a popular news anchor.- he wasn’t some random KY worker that he pretends to be—before he made it in Hollywood.

Such a complete phony

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@metalblonde1114 Being a friend of Obama never ever makes one a great American

George Clooney is a fucktard & hasn't lived in the US in years - BY CHOICE!!!

The douchebag who posted this called him a "great American" 🙄

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This is a thread I wanted to do back in January but never got around to.

Mike Lindell’s PCAP’s or Packet Captures

A pcap is a tool. Its used by 3 groups of people.

Law Enforcement to dig out info on communications of targets

IT Professionals to resolve network problems

Hackers to steal confidential information

(which group does Lindell’s team fit???)

There are basically 2 kinds of PCAP’s:

Hardware - equipment installed on a physical connection in a customer or network facility


The Longhorns have completely lost control of a game they were in complete control of

The conversation between these 2 men is so important. I enjoy Jocko's perspective/expertise, but Darrell is just a phenomenal guy.

Take a couple of hours out of your day when you have time & listen, if you can

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Tis but a scratch, My Lord!

You Sir, win the Halloween decorating contest


Well, I wanted to upload my exchange with Kirsten Powers but some photos are giving me a 403 code & some aren't, even though they're all screenshots from the same place.

I don't understand but oh well 🤷

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@metalblonde1114 @Lonestar

if he lets Trump swoop in and save him, no one else will come forward and it will be completely politicized.

we NEED our military to come forward and stand together.

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agree the other one is a made up chant by a ditzy reporter. She just made it up on the fly. Ohhh she is so clever.

@68sawtooth @wziminer @karnage

My son's baseball team made a fundraising video that was a parody of the movie Major League

My boy just happened to get really sick last week & they made the video without a Mom who supports the entire team, I have to say, I was really disappointed they did that to him. 😐

Anyway, it went viral

Enjoy 🔥⚾🔥

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@metalblonde1114 @SpiceOfOurLife

Over here we're supposed to declare if something is safe to be sent. It's more important if going by air. Of course if I wrapped it with plain paper, there wouldn't be a place for me to sign that declaration and the Postie would need to stick that on the parcel.

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