@Debradelai and I even wonder if Meghan Markle is being blackmailed by the CCP. Surely the CCP targeted Prince Andrew.

@Debradelai I wonder if the Jeffery Epstein operation was actually a CCP operation and not a Mossad operation. On the other hand it could be both. The UK’s close ties to Hong Kong and now the CCP takeover of Hong Kong looks different from this angle. @ThomasWic

Richard Grenell

The crowd is huge and yet it’s 37 degrees outside. The people of Wisconsin are fired up for @realDonaldTrump.

James Woods

How astonishing is it that a presidential candidate’s son has photographs of him smoking crack with a hooker all over the Internet, disseminated by China, his benefactor, and it doesn’t trend on Twitter?

Didn't really need those last three words.

@CassandraRules: "The liberal media and big tech are working harder than Bidens actual campaign to protect Hunter."


Congratulations to conservative street artist SABO for his recent hit in Venice CA.
A building on a key intersection at Main Street and Rose Avenue has a huge statue of a ballerina wearing a clown mask.
Sabo fashioned a six-foot tall image of CA Governor Gavin Newsom's head and using a drone lifted it up to clown's gloved hand.
The statue is situated on the corner of the building, as tall as the second and third floors.

Senator Lisa Murkowski has flipped and will vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

She had first said No, along with Sen Collins and voted against Barrett on the procedural motion to advance Barrett.

That failed and now apparently Murkowski is apparently looking at her political future in the AK Senate race in 2022. So she flipped.

Shrewd move. It will interesting to see if it is enough to avoid a successful primary challenge in two years.


@NCaliCountryUSA: "@OANN has a three part investigation on tapes with him talking about the Ukraine and keeping from finding out right after 2016 election

>@InfidelAngela: 'Omg!! Secret phone call from Biden. Watch and RT before it’s gone. [video]'"


Quite a bit has been made about Joe Biden's reference to "physical security" near the end of this call, but it could be a reference to Ukraine's physical security, rather than Poroshenko's. What the audio does appear to show is that Joe Biden is apparently concerned that Ukraine will ask the incoming Trump Administration for more money, and they'll then look at Ukraine more closely.

@Debradelai if you type gtv.org on twitter your account is immediately suspended.

Sizeable minorities of Trump rallygoers are democrats, independents and People that didn't vote in prior elections. People that never voted are not polled.
There is an enormous Trump ground game and virtually no Biden ground game.
Yesterday alone Trump probably reached 100 million people between Rush, Levin, and Tucker.
No one goes to Biden appearances and no one watches online.
The media has yet to bring out a 2016 Trump voter that has switched to Biden because they don't exist.

The Babylon Bee

Teachers Unions Promise School Will Resume As Soon As The Teachers Are Done Campaigning For Biden


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