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Well, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving today. I had thanksgiving at my home this year. Invited everyone I know and their brothers, sisters, and friends. Had a houseful of ppl and had a blast. Kids running around playing! Adults singing Karaoke! and everyone eating a bellyful. No one gives a damn about Wuhan flu. It’s a day for Thanksgiving, after all. Let those politicians with their ridiculous mandates hole up at home all alone! As. for me and my family we will live life to the fullest.

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Good night, Quod Family. I will sleep like a baby knowing that a good man was vindicated, while a bad man will have to answer to God for bearing false witness.

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I'm listening to the PA election hearings and so far Rudy has eviscerated the following arguments against him:

1. The claims are not large enough to change the outcome.
(They are larger than needed.)

2. There is no opportunity for enough cheating.
(There are lots of ways.)

3. If there was that much cheating, there would be witnesses.
(There are hundreds.)

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Until we accept the fact that the left is hellbent on destroying America and start dealing with it, there will continue to be turmoil and uncertainty.

As our current pandemic fizzles out, watch for a skin disease pandemic next! Occurring first in south east Asia.

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1490 days since Trump campaign was spied on and zero indictments of meaning or import

22 days since the guy involved in that spying participated in election fraud to take the Presidency and zero indictments of meaning or import

Swamp levels appear to have held and don’t appear at risk

History will not judge thieves in a good light! Our Republic demands transparency!

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I have zero faith in SCOTUS to throw out the votes that are plainly illegitimate and void certain elections.

There is a powderkeg being built. Democrats do not think it will go off. So smug in their arrogance.

They will find out.

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Biden Shadow Secretary of State Urged Support of Iraq War in 2002

Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss.

If the American people want our country to survive, these bastards have to be DEFEATED now. DJT et al. must take the gloves off & destroy them permanently.

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According to the Trump legal team:

30k ILLEGAL AlIENS voted, 150k people registered AFTER the deadline, and 111% of all voters voted. And Trump lost Arizona by just 10k votes.


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President’s attorney Jenna Ellis just tweeted:

“All this media chatter of Joe Biden picking his cabinet is like fantasy football. Meaningless in the real game.”

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My favorite example of Trump derangement by our media will always be how this woman didn't make it on a single cover of any women's mag in the past four years. That's a pretty powerful commitment to hatred they have

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Third of Ds Believe Election Stolen From Trump -
They don't care

Genesis 18

32 Then Abraham said, “May the Lord not be angry, but let me speak just once more. What if only ten righteous can be found there?”

He answered, “For the sake of ten, I will not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah”

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The shear magnitude of corruption is mind boggling. The Dems knew they could not beat President Trump, so they planned to steal the election and have their Propaganda Machine push that it was a fair election.
We should all be very concerned about the outcome. As stated the Powers that Be want Biden/Harris, but to what end?

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I'm sick of hearing so-called "patriots" who claim to be loyal to President Trump; yet NOW, in the face of tremendous opposition; just because corrupt judges are throwing out Trump's filings via his legal team; just because of his "silence" in the face of what Commie Devilcrats are doing; all of a sudden, they acting cowardly, QUITTING on Trump & our cause! They're playing political "armchair quarterback", second guessing what all of them are doing. WHERE IS YOUR BACKBONE? STAND UP OR SHUT UP!

Becoming much more impatient. Apparent inaction by DOJ is infuriating!!! Obvious is obvious!!!

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