@TheCape1961 @maxwhiggery We need LAWS now that prohibit chemical castration or sex changes in minors.

3) According to the Supreme Court, the districts will remain as they are because lower federal courts should not and cannot weigh in on such politically partisan issues.According to Justice Roberts, although redistricting might “seem unjust,” he said that it does NOT mean that the decision should be made by the federal judiciary. Separation of the branches of government must be respected!

2) According to The Hill, a group of Michigan voters and The League of Women Voters argued that Republicans had “engaged in a concerted effort to redraw district lines to benefit Republican candidates…” And apparently, a lower federal court of 3 judges agreed with the leftists.But thankfully, the Supreme Court stepped in and chose to side with Republicans instead.

1) Supreme Court Sides With Republicans – Overturns Lower Court’s Decision
October 22, 2019
Another BIG victory for President Trump and the Republican Party ahead of the 2020 election.The Supreme Court has just overturned a lower court’s ruling that Michigan’s electoral districts are too pro-Republican. Liberal activists were trying to redistrict the state of Michigan to give themselves an edge in upcoming elections.

Unrelenting combat also makes you taller.

Assad is 6'2".

Suheil al-Hassan started out at about 5'6" and grew six inches.

"Why would you be panicking right now as if Trump is losing this fight or something, and demanding Lindsey Graham launch his own hearings in the Senate & waste time & resources on exposing Schiff's charade?

UkraineGate is DEAD.

Schiff is PRETENDING it is alive. It's a farce."


"Well it's simple, Charlie.

THAT Lindsey Graham doesn't need to go to the trouble of holding his own hearings to try to 'find out' what happened.
Horowitz, Barr & Durham are going to BRING IT ALL TO HIM.

We'll just have to be patient a bit longer."


(Right?...This reminds me of "supporters" decrying FAKE NEWS, while posting FAKE NEWS then panicking over some new MSM outrage


Prosecutors have this. Who needs a worthless Senate hearing?)

Every single Democrat proposal is a direct insult to your intelligence.

Single payer? because you are too stupid to buy your own health insurance

UBI? because you are too dumb to make at least $1000 per month

Federal school lunch program? because you are too much of a rube to know how to feed your own kids

Transgender bathrooms? because you are too incompetent to know which bathroom to use

Gun confiscation? daddy and mommy has to take away your toys so you don't do bad things with them.

Four years in prison for fighting with skinny weirdos WHO ARE HELPING TRUMP.

It's also a waste of energy to complain about the unfairness, the double standard, etc.

We know all that.

Accept it and move on.

I found a photo of my great-grandfather's hardware store.

This guy is in the photo.

What do you bet he was there to buy an axe, a hatchet, a machete, a hacksaw, and a butcher knife?

@Ms_Kux @Jackie the entire city of Seattle should be walled off and made into one big psychiatric hospital.

@Jackie WTF?! Math is not a history class. They can save that crap for the useless, vapid gender studies college courses. 2+2=4. Always has, and always will. This is insane.


Seattle Public Schools Will Start Teaching That Math Is Oppressive

A new ethnic studies curriculum will teach students that "ancient mathematical knowledge has been appropriated by Western culture."

The district has proposed a new social justice-infused curriculum that would focus on "power and oppression" and "history of resistance and liberation" within the field of mathematics. The curriculum isn't mandatory, but provides a resource for teachers.

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