British SAS plan to kill Solaimani was blocked by the Labour Foreign Minister back in 2007.

Soleimani was involved with operations with pro Iranian militias in southern Iraq targeting British troops.

Remember when Trump announced he'd start pulling ground forces from the Turkish-Syrian border area? And we were told Major Instability or even WW3 was a possibility unless we kept ground troops there?

Now we're told retaliating against the Iran-backed Embassy Attack by assassinating a long time Iranian General who specializes in assassination and destabilization will lead to Major Instability.

... and the Left has done a 180, claiming this will lead to instability/WW3/Raining Cats/Dogs.

WW III Iminent, but FIRST.....folks pouring into the streets in IDLIB to celebrate the DEATH of Salami (?), back to WW III.....

"Massive crowds in northern Syria are celebrating the death of Qasem Suleimani by the American attacks last night.
They’re celebrating the end of that bad guy who caused their displacement and killed their children and the lovely ones..."

5. Magsamen continues to peddle idiocy.

This is not difficult.

The Gang of 8 include Democrats who love the mullahs and who would have tipped them off.

The Gang of 8 include Democrats who peddled the Trump/Putin hoax and then the Trump/Ukraine hoax.

The Gang of 8 can take a hike. Corrupt Congressional swamp MOFOs who hate America.

In case nobody else said it, I'm going to go on record and say, Welcome to "The Roaring 20's, Part 2". Just don't let it end like the first one did.

Our Double Stuf is on his way to the Rainbow Bridge now. His tumor was damaging the soft tissue of his mouth and last night and this morning he refused food and water.

While a being who came on this Earth to love unconditionally and to be loved unconditionally has to leave the Earth, life goes in with some of the so-called humans just spreading hate because of who people voted for. They save any love, if you can say they are capable of it, for our enemies.

Liberals remind me of the local authorities trying to corner John Rambo....they keep succumbing to trap after trap after trap....

"Mitchell said the IRS should “dismiss this frivolous complaint out-right,” and she is encouraged that “religious leaders and institutions nationwide will band together to challenge the IRS regulations on First Amendment grounds. That Constitutional reckoning is long overdue.”

Heshmat Alavi thread:


An Iranian family celebrating the killing of 's IRGC Quds Force chief Qasem Soleimani.

"Death to Dictator!" they are heard chanting. ..."

The steady "IMPEACH!!" drumbeat over the last three years has really put Dems in a bind, hasn't it?

As @drawandstrike has delineated, gotta keep it going to discredit Trump, prevent an "impeached" Prez from appointing Ginsburg's replacement, lose re-election, etc.

The corner they have painted themselves into is that they cannot even support the killing of MURDERERS.

Trump has the Dems, "dead man walking"

@stephanieanne @NevadaJack

My pleasure.

How can Dems continually call us “science deniers“ when they do not understand the very basic biology of gender?

With very few medical exceptions:

Females pass either of their X's & males pass either an X or a Y chromosome.

For a human to be female—she must get an X chromosome from both parents.

For a human to be male—he must get an X chromosome from mom & a Y chromosome from dad.

Males determine sex of each offspring in humans.

@redwhitebluedude @stephanieanne @NevadaJack

Let’s face it, Demonrats flunked civics, American history and sex education/human biology!

Okay, I made a friendly call to the office of Senator Sinema. She impressed me with this statement. She needs to switch parties STAT:

Now why doesn't it surprise me that this clown would be passing along ?

Helps I guess when you're sympathizing with terrorists to jump at the first inkling that maybe the US will pay for their evil deeds 🙄

Farnaz Fassihi

Breaking: Unconfirmed reports of ballistic missiles hitting largest US military base Ain Al-Assad in & massive explosions, via IRGC Telegram channels.

Maybe a little homework before throwing out her BS?

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