Another rally tomorrow. Can't wait to see what's going to drop for the weekend.

Whistleblower number 54, where are you?

Part of me wishes Dave Chappelle could do a voice over of this rally just for laughs.

And your father was never smart, he was only good at kissing Obama's ass and the crowd goes crazy.

What in the hell?

Left Wing Protestors Outside President Trumpโ€™s Rally in Minneapolis

Totally Normal...

"I'd say McConnell wielded the hell out of absolute Senate power when he denied Garland to the USSC.

Then again when he looked the Democrats dead in the eye once Trump was in office & forwarded these conservative federal judges while saying to hell with blue state blue slips."

(B-b-but....GOP needs to gro-a-pair in 3....2.....1.....)


You sir, are on a roll this morning. Bravo!

Now I can get back to work.

Seems Brian @drawandstrike may have decided to call it a day on twitter.

Good for him.

If so, what an absolutely magnificent effort. We have all played our part in this movement, but Brian has truly delivered.

And in the process, he's become a nationally recognized voice. Great days lie ahead for Brian. Hopefully he will remain on QV with us lot.

And I hope Trump will honor him. That's how important Brian Cates has been.

We salute you, Brian.

The end.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai

@ThomasWic @Cdubois

Heroes Return To Holland 74 Years Later

In Sept, we were fortunate enough to bring 6 back to Holland. For many of them, they were visiting places they hadn't been back to in 74 yrs. Places where they experienced some of the worst moments of their lives & where they experienced the closest brotherhood you'll ever find. We traveled from Belgium, thru The Netherlands and into Germany, following these soldier's footsteps.

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