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Deaths from extreme weather and climate are down 98% in the US over the past century. The crisis we face is politicians ... misrepresenting history and science, and behaving like snake oil sales

Things that make me smile...

a Golden Retriever is Mayor of a CA town.

Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller, II, has been mayor of Idyllwild, California, since July 2013.

And remember, if Mueller is a bad cop and this is the best he can do, this rambling pressed just shows you how weak their position is.

It's time to pay the Barr tab, though.

America's patience has worn thin. Time to drop MOABs.

Impeach now! Please.

The Dimms have painted themselves into a corner.

If they impeach, the middle is going to abandon them and they'll get slaughtered in the elections.

If they do not, their base is going to abandon them and...they'll get slaughtered in the elections.

Stupidity comes with a price.

A Wyoming rancher's summary of the Mueller report:

โ€œWhile we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it."


While I think they are assholes, They still have the right to be assholes. All of us do.

I simply laugh at them.

Can't ban free speech. Supreme Court has already ruled that hate speech is in fact protected.

Social media is going to be brought down over "terms of service".

Reporter: โ€œThe Constitution says treason is punishable by death...Who specifically are you accusing of treason?"

DJT: "Well I think a number of people...'Should she lose, we'll have an insurance policy and we'll get this guy out of office'...That's what they meant. That's treason."

Look what I found on the Inter-Webs today

๐Ÿ•ต๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿป

If you have not taken the time to read this, you should. @REX

Trump & 'The Angry Democrats' : A New Twist?

FOX has officially failed. They were simply monitoring the situation of the rally on Tucker of all people.

OAN is the way to go besides here.


Sent you a Ben. Thanks for having the once in a while option. Works easier.

Trying to remove the five bucks everywhere per month from my life.

This place stays. Thank you and the Quod Team!

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