i had a weird dream this afternoon when i caught a lil’ catnap whilst Judge Judy was on...
dreamt i won a nut-scratching contest or somethin’ and the prize was to take this’n
woke up thinking i can’t WAIT to tell’er about the Ozone layer.
oops, nevermind.

they’re starting to get thick. i’m at a quart a week. it’s soon gonna be a gallon/week.

hey, i LOVE being wrong on storm predictions and have no problem admitting it.
the upper level low that stretches from the carolinas to texas dipped much further south than was anticipated.
i still maintain that the gulf just needs a spark to set a fire.

for my fellow gulf coast residents, denial is NOT a river in Egypt dammit.

invest is gonna hit the gulf in a few days.
y’all watch what happens when a spark hits fuel.

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@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @mastojohn @Debradelai

The definition of "transhamulationalitarian" is well known among the highly educated left. It means: frandapularian tisktaskiness in a fugue state.

It is not Welsh, although it is not unknown among the Welsh, particularly in some IBERS corridors of Aberystwyth University.

This has been a public service announcement.

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@2020_DJT @Elaines2cents @mastojohn This is so bitter sweet, on the one hand, I think I peed a little while laughing, and reaching for my hankie to wipe my tears of sorrow. I am honored to have come across all you wonderful down to earth people.

i wondered who the heck is texting me this late then i saw it was my oldest son. he wanted to let me know something.
well, this is only my 2nd year to be in The Club so i overlooked this fact.
Happy Grandparent’s Day! to my fellow club members.
my Sweetpea sure is getting big.
turns 2 on thursday.
and here’s what my wife and i got...

the whole thing stinks.
the raiders gave up so much in draft picks to get ab.
so, act an absolute fool, screw a team before you’ve played a down for them and then get rewarded by going to the SB champs?
Goodell should do like Silver and kaibosh that deal but he won’t.
safe to say ab has a target on his back now. on his helmet too.
imagine being on an AFC team and its a contender and then the nfl allows the pats to stack their reigning champ. team with a top 3 wr.
his Raiders record? 👇

Antonio Brown signed by the Patriots.
go figure.

15yr. old freshman Arch Manning finished 22for34 with 224yds. passing and 3 tds with 1 int. last night.
not too shabby.


it’s not bluegrass but i have a song for the press, pundits and socialist politicians.


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@mastojohn @MarcusJ65 @Jackie you guys!!! I was born at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS! Most recently lived in Orange Grove -- across from Taco Sombrero! Graduated from Gulfport East HS (no longer a thing.) Good to meet some fellow MS Gulf Coast natives!

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