‘Super Pigs’ Weighing 600 Pounds Wreak Havoc Across Canada — And Build ‘Pigloos’ To Survive The Winter

About 30 years ago, Canadian farmers released hogs into the wild as the meat market slowed.

These pigs have since grown gigantic and are ravaging farmland across the continent.



Minimum caliber on one of these things is a 30.06.
Personally, the smallest I would use is .41 magnum rifle, backed with a .41 magnum revolver . ,265 gr slug for speed and range , 300 gr jhp in the pistol, shorter range, harder hit

@masterblaster @trueblueTEX @NevadaJack
The CETME makes brass a one time use item. Half the time you can't find the brass because it throws it way out in front. When you do find it, it's all dented up.

@TimToolMan @trueblueTEX @NevadaJack Seems to be an unfortunate G3 characteristic .
7.62 x 51 ain't cheap but very effective

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