LA Gov race.

The guy who won - Edwards - is a pro- 2AM, anti-abortion centrist who identifies as a Democrat.

He won. Just. Good for him.

Alas he's an outlier in the Dems these days. And if he's lying, he'll be a 1 term wonder.

Hey everyone, try to avoid the partisan crap. Trump is important because he shattered the GOP vs Dem establishment.

Truth is if he is honest, Edwards isn't bad for the USA. If this is what the Dems offer, they may do well.

In 2028/2032!


Keep in mind that neither the Dems or the GOP are trustworthy groups.

Just because Trump used the GOP machine to win the Presidency, doesn't mean we support the GOP. Far from it.

We support Trump and him alone. GOP vs Dem partisan bickering means nothing.

Sure it was an Obama/Clinton op, but the GOP in cahoots ALSO tried to nix Trump in 2016.

@REX @timr

Far from it, my friend.

Without GOP control in Congress, Trump is no more than a Christmas decoration on a house in Pennsylvania Ave.

He is the leader of the GOP and he needs the GOP to get reelected and (more importantly) to govern.

An attack on the GOP is an attack on Trump.

There is no way around that.

@Debradelai @REX @timr

I certainly do not want to live through another 4 years of torment and the stalling of Trump's efforts. I've had quite enough. I can only imagine where our country could go if Trump's policy decisions are actually enacted without stonewalling from Dims every step of the way. We have to take back the House and not just a majority of it, a super majority.

@Elaines2cents @REX @timr

As long as a sizeable number continues their muh GOP cant and insist upon unelectable candidates who pass some arcane and useless ideological test...that remains elusive.

These morons cost us the Senate in 2010 and 12 and the House in 18.

And the beat goes on.

@Debradelai @REX @timr

Marginable candidates for whatever reason the good ol' boys chose to back isn't going to win us those seats back.

I'm backing a strong GOP candidate for state senate here and we're up against the local women in office backing a Hispanic woman with absolutely no legislative experience that has little chance of winning Den Mother let alone a state senate race. We're likely to lose one of the few Republican seats we've managed to hold onto. It's infuriating.

@Elaines2cents @REX @timr

Doesn't it remind you if Christine O'Donnell?

Maybe she can campaign on not being a whitch...

@Debradelai @REX @timr

You'd think they'd learn by now. Plenty of examples out there to show them the rules have to change. And yes, O'Donnell is a perfect example.

@Debradelai @REX @timr

Watching Rispone lose by a measly 45k in votes in a state the size of LA is pathetic. There is no excuse for this.

@Elaines2cents @Debradelai @REX @timr
Unfortunately it is going to take several election cycles to shed people who don't measure up and who do not align with the Trump agenda.

@redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents @REX @timr

It's not going to happen.

Besides, tests of ideological purity are better suited to the Komsomol.


@Debradelai @redwhitebluedude @Elaines2cents @REX @timr

Think about that jackass Akin in MO.
Ideological purity tests, at least for the GOP, doesn’t resonate. Frankly , you’re spot on. Leave that crap to the Red Guards.

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