That's why I bought a Ruger AR 5.56 along with my subsequent firearm purchases.

Ruger won't acquiesce to the Leftist like Colt has. Although I also have the S&W M&P .40 for one of my concealed carry pistols.

I'm extremely happy with all my Ruger firearms and I highly recommend them. 👍

@David_Motley @Dawnz

Bill Ruger, in fact, did roll over in the 90s . He championed a lot of the stupid bans then because his rifles didn't fall under the criteria du jour.

@David_Motley @Dawnz

Smith put in Lawyer locks after some jackass shot himself playing twirl a cun, they get slammed for that all the time. Colt Series 80s have a firing pin lock because a kitchen table gunsmith had lightened triggers , trimmed sears , etc causing the pistol to fire when dropped. Now, I have dropped the older ones and the only issue I had was being embarrassed. All i takes is stupid mixed with lawyers .

@David_Motley @Dawnz
Springfield Armory made a deal with Illinois to "support" some of the unfriendly legislation. The deal was simple, give a little or be extorted out of business. A few years prior, they'd taken a tax incentive and Illinois nailed them on it. Like CT has done to Colt

@masterblaster @Dawnz

The fallacy of feeding the crocodiles so they'll get eaten last.

It's a losing proposition...lol.


Personally loving the irony of this convo referencing large reptilian threats like crocs, base on some Quod toot thread 24 hours ago (?) talking about American alligators.

h/t ❤️
@David_Motley @Dawnz

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @masterblaster @Dawnz

Not sure what you're referencing regarding alligators; but I was using a figure of speech to describe delaying the inevitable.

Did I miss a good alligator conversation??

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