Trump's lawyers accuse Democrats of a 'dangerous attack' on the rights of American voters and of trying to overturn the 2016 election as they issue furious first response to impeachment trial

Trump's legal team issued the response to Senate summons on Saturday
Marks the opening salvo of Trump's legal defense in Senate impeachment trial
Letter calls for the Senate to reject both articles of impeachment outright

NETFLIX got into bed with crooks.

Susan Rice is on their board. Unbelievable.

It was all going so well, too.

Their end is inevitable.


Likely First Overall NFL Draft Pick Joe Burrow Praises President Trump After White House Visit: ‘He Showed So Much Love’


Obama film gets nominated for an Oscar.

Incredible, given that they've never made a movie before.

And produced by NETFLIX, too. Who knew.

Wow, this Obama family must be geniuses! Did you know that Barrack Obama also won a Nobel Peace Prize?

Good Grief.


Found on Facebook

"Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. Where am I? Oh, yes, Canada. Darn."


As for things such as vouchers for private schools, I’m not entirely sold on it. Private schools can rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.

Bishop Gorman HS is a Catholic School in Summerlin South. They can afford to bring in students into their school due to the donations from the Fertitta family (Stations Casinos, UFC). They already do it for athletes whom they have scouted from other schools. There should be no public money going towards a religious school.

I don’t have an issue with smaller charter schools that serve children with certain issues or do things differently, in a reasonable way.

It’s when they grow bigger than expected and get managed with humongous budgets. This can take its toll on taxpayers. I also think that they need to be ideologically free so cult leaders and radicals don’t get ahold of the children’s minds. Oversight is necessary.

As for Common Core, it’s dying off in the red states. Public schools in these states will surely get better curriculum, though the blue states will still stick with it. There are also charters that still use Common Core in my state of Nevada, though there are a couple that don’t.

LDS affiliated “classical academies” and schools that cater to emotionally disturbed and those with learning disabilities or autism tend to do things differently.

There are many good charters out there that are small and serve a good purpose, but the wrong people also got into the game.

You have people running these schools as a corporate model, milking every cent, like Academica, KIPP and Charter Schools USA. There are those who are using it for religious and cultural reasons like Fethullah Gulen. Even political ones like the Latino Supremacist based Semanillas Academy.

1st take- Impeachment Briefs

The House 111 page brief wanders and meanders in a manner similar to the hearings they held. It is overly wordy and structured poorly.

The Trump lawyers are going for a head shot with a 6 page summary response.

1) IMPORTANT READ...VA State Senator Goes Public 72 Hours Before Rally: 'We Are Being Set Up' "“The Governor, using the media has already set the stage for this to happen,” Chase wrote. “He has already laid the groundwork to make the entire movement look like insurrection.”It’s not just militia members and those wearing camouflage who have reason to worry. According to Chase, even some military veterans have been flagged as potential threats.

Suddenly, your school and district can be threatened with funding being withheld. A solution needs to be pushed. If the public schools can’t hack it, perhaps the money can go to a privately run one.

This creates a gold rush for charter schools. Everyone and anyone can open them up, whether they know anything about education or not. Some states are more permissive about this.

The initial concept was thought of with good intentions. To be a community based, mom and pop operation.

Because of this, we have had laws like No Child Left Behind and Common Core as the successor. These are the major ones, not including reforms at the state level to compliment them.

NCLB under Bush pushed the concept of “failing schools” and “teach to the test”. Teaching slowly shifted from an art to a technical field. Everything is about metrics. If you can’t make the numbers, what happens?

There are also some parents who are obsessed with competition and want their kids to get better test scores, treating it as the end all be all in life.

This group of parents tend to be the ones thinking in line with education reform thought leaders.

Test scores have been the biggest concern of bureaucrats and other higher ups over the last 40 years. I believe it has driven the bulk of education reform laws and policies.

School choice is about giving parents the means to use these choices. Now why are there parents who would want these choices?

There are religious parents who don’t want their kids exposed to things such as sex-ed or evolution. There are parents who feel that public schools are becoming anti-American and would like to educate their kids in a setting that provides something more along the lines that resembles what the Founding Fathers would have learned.

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