The US is extending the runway of Tal Baidar airport north of Al-Hasakah to receive larger planes.


So painful and sad, but quite beautiful that he worked to make sure his wife's house was complete. Only after that could he go.

My Aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the same month her youngest daughter got engaged. She was determined to make it to the wedding. A year later she did!

A year after that she saw the birth of her grandchild, then got very ill.
On the day she died I got to see her hold the baby and joyfully say "I made it!"

@Lisa22 @ThomasWic @Torchbearer

@Lisa22 @ThomasWic @Torchbearer

He was one of the strongest, most selfless, determined person I've ever known. Rest in peace Mike.

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Some carpenters and I went down to his house to help him finish. In the beginning he was doing okay and only had to push the button once or twice during the day. He worked right alongside us the whole time. However, every couple of days the amount would increase. That continued. By the end of the project I'd rather not describe what I witnessed. Last time I saw him was that a party we threw for him when the house was done. A call the next day told me he was gone.

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She will be. The pain is horrific. A very close friend of mine, died of pancreatic cancer. He went through the whole Gambit of treatments, and thought he Beat It. Of course that was not the case. They wanted him to return to the hospital, but he had previously gutted his house for a renovation so his wife had a nicer place to live after his death. The doctors gave him a device filled with morphine, and all he had to do was push a button for a full dose.

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"Lots of skeletons in her closet."

That statement probably fits 98% of Congress and 98% of Hollyweird, don't you think?


I watched her film a music video and was struck by her stilted moves and vacuous expression, even during breaks.

It was like no one was home.

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Robert Wohl plays the perfect yes-man.

Listen to how he instantly switches gears according to his boss's whims.

And listen to how Madonna has no talent at all as an actress.

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This recipe is a family favorite for over 50 years. Bill Durham was a dentist and family friend.

The Durhams had a huge and very old beach house on the beach of Sullivan's Island, SC, outside of Charleston. They would often invite our family to stay with their family there in the 1960s. Good food and good times.

@Cstippg I lived most of my life in PA and NC but 10 yrs ago we moved to Delaware. We love it here. @All_Is_Well @chip @ilumanous @WarriorPoet @masterblaster @Sarah_Roberts

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