Cummings had been struggling with health issues the past 3 years. He was laid up for 2 months solid in 2017 at Johns Hopkins with a rocky recovery after heart valve replacement. Then a string of infections through 2018. Wife suspended her Maryland gubernatorial campaign in early 2018 because of his chronic ill health.

@Alex_Graham Wow. That is surprising news. Never liked the guy but I feel sad for his family.

Lynn Chu:
“If you think about it the Left's entire concept of the nation is that the rich have no right to be that,and as a class do not deserve their wealth,and because they all are rich solely because of their group "privilege,"that justifies any kind of vicious ripping of the kulaks' faces off once they are in "power"and exercising their "turn" at "privilege."In other words they do not see public service as a "duty"to the nation at all.Just their opportunity to use power to serve themselves.”

Baltimore Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings has died.

My guess the stress of the coming investigation into all his corruption was probably too much for his body to handle.


Of course there'll be all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories coming out. But the simplest explanation is he had previous health problems and the stress of being investigated for corruption made these worst.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin:
We will impose further sanctions on if a ceasefire is not established in northeastern .

John Hayward thread


"...Few lefty talking points are as dishonest as claiming "taxes would go up but costs would go down" with socialized medicine. No, taxes would go up AND costs would go up. It happens every single time these crackpot schemes are implemented. ..."

DemocRATs trying to salvage Zero's Deathcare & their next attempt at trying to implement power over our lives from birth to death.

@Cdubois @wziminer @Lisa22 @NevadaJack @Lonestar

Let's see how actress & Hag of San Fran, Nervous Nanzi, plays this one out.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, Democratic leader and regular Trump target, dies at 68



He kicked out the "never-brexiters". He attempted the mega-prorogue. That creep bercow conspired with everyone else to seize control and pass the hamstring bill.

They wouldn't let him call an election. Twice. That creep bercow and other mps are actively conspiring with the EU.

I understand that everyone is pissed, but why be pissed at Bojo?

Plus he's still got two weeks.

@REX i honestly don't know what happened. Can you elaborate?

Even in London, the people have had enough of climate change protests.

“Angry Londoners Drag Climate Change Protesters From Roof of Train”


When a prominent figure dies -- a soldier, a police officer, a statesman, a philanthropist, a great industrialist, an inventor -- we recall, we honor, we mourn.

Otherwise, we put our hands in our pockets and we move on.

Elijah Cummings dead...... It's sad when people past away but in my eyes this man was part of evil so I don't really care.

It's strange though that he was recently being called out for his failures in his district and now he's dead.

Please don't interpret that line above as me moving to a conspiracy about his death. It's just amazing he was exposed and shortly later now he's dead.


Trying to figure this out. The deal goes before Parliament, Parliament rejects it. Do we revert to default no deal exit on 31st?

Is the Benn act strong enough to stop that happening?

The DUP have already said they won't back it

Still a way to go


@Lisa22 @bwa_aptos Yes, look into it. The main purpose of a living trust is to ensure your estate avoids probate after you die. It can also protect the estate from being sued by the heirs or the heirs from suing each other. A living trust provides no protection of assets from lawsuits by creditors or any other type of lawsuit.


Ever since Trump's election Schiff has struck me as an injured/threatened animal on the run.

He reminds me of Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo.

Every move he makes - and extreme chance he takes - seems to have self-not-just-party coverup and preservation stamped all over it. Just buy time, buy time, throw debris in everyone's way and do whatever damage you can along the way.

Whatever Tell Tale Heart moment it is that he fears most is definitely coming, and he knows it.

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