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Prepare for the freakout on this one, and probably a legal effort from the Biden side to try to stop the site. They’re already trying to petition the IRS to look into Marco Polo. George Washington Law professor Jonathan Turley called that out, saying that could potentially be viewed as weaponizing the government against the group.


@KenPaxtonTX: "Big victory against Biden: Last night a federal court blocked the Admin’s radical “waters of the US” rule, which imposes a leftist environmental agenda on Texas, crushing new regs, and oppressive economic costs. I will always fight to keep Biden’s boots off the necks of Texans! [screenshot]"

America has problems, cultural, economic, and political, that cannot be addressed, let alone discussed, in the current climate of hysteria, irresponsibility, and ignorance. What tremendous waste! That any politician should have to spend a moment dealing with the madness of gelding boys and spaying girls, or addressing public school teachers who expose children to perversions;

With the oldest of my brothers-in-law.

Henry. One of the sweetest men I ever met. Alex's younger brother. There are 12 more after him.

Am in San Francisco today - something very very unexpected going on:

1. Was able to find a parking spot almost immediately near where wife has an appointment

2. Streets are clean n tidy

3. An American flag spotted! Wonder of wonders


If you will remember my incessant griping last year on this forum, the current shitty governor ho chill mandated masks for every student in the state all the way down to 2 year olds in daycare. I used to look forward to seeing daycare pictures of my kids. Now, it's just depressing to see them with a muzzle on



One of the drawbacks of no longer being on twitter is that I no longer read the idiocies of the left so it will take me a little bit longer to debunk clear healthcare misinformation. But I was notified of one of the recent talking points. "Insulin prices never lowered under Trump so it doesn't matter that hiden reversed/delayed his insulin EO" People who fall for this one just didn't bother reading his EO. Here it is.

Just when everyone thought Kackula was the most hated face in the country, forked tongue squaw slides in and says "hold my Sambo"

12) But Democrats need 51 votes to establish a new precedent to break a filibuster on voting rights. Word so far, Democrats lack the votes on that score as well.

~ Chad Pergram 🐦



"The establishment, both parties, think "Donald Trump may have built buildings and he may have written The Art of the Deal, but he can't do what we did. He can't even understand what we do because he's too stupid." They may not say it that way, but I guarantee you they have that attitude. These are arrogant people. They're very exclusive. It is a very elite, unique group, in their own minds, and they do tell themselves they're special and they're different and they're better."

Rush Limbaugh

WSJ shines a little more light on it than UK and other sources.

* ...couldn’t be determined... whether [Omicron] was the cause of death.
* ...diagnosed in a hospital...but ...gave no indication... of vaccination status.
* 10 people diagnosed [with Omicron] on or before admission... Most had received two vaccine doses. (i.e., 6-9 out of 10 were double-vaxxed)

Yep. Nothingburger. Not a confirmed death [by Omicron].

“Years of operating losses and struggles for many years sapped our liquidity and we had no other place to go at this point,” Kalem told FreightWaves. “Nobody is going to make money on this closing, nobody... 2,100 employees will be laid off right before Christmas. Central Freight Lines is the largest trucking company to close since Celadon ceased operations in 2019. ”

"During the outset of the pandemic, Central Freight Lines was one of four trucking-related companies that received the maximum award of $10 million through the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This occurred around the time that CFL drivers and employees were forced to take pay cuts, a move that didn’t go down well with drivers..."

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Leader Chuck Schumer are giving us a wonderful opportunity to win gigantic election victories in 2022 and 2024. But much more importantly, they are proving to every American that Big Government Socialism just doesn’t work.

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