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A renewal of our relationship with You. Be our God again. Be our standard again. Be our stalwart and protector again.

Deliver us and let your Name be honored again in our nation.

Let all nations call us Blessed. Let us be a delightsome land, again.

Please, God…hear all of our cries to You for You to be the God in our country again!

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If there is no conclusion or no end to something, it means that it is not over yet.

"The second amendment:
"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT be infringed".
Many have tried, but only WE THE PEOPLE have succeeded, YES,
We haven't always appreciated it, and it's not too late, but we are, like it or not, the point of the spear!

This is why:
"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights,, that among these are, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

How could a people preserve that?
Well... the first amendment, the "right to free speech"- an old concept, granted...
But how can it be respected, enforced?

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And there you go. Keep the structure but gut and remodel the interior.

Thanks @SidneyPowell and @joeflynn1 !!

And much luck finding good candidates who can survive the mud- and slop-slinging which will be foisted by the other side. It's gotten horrible. 👍❤️🇺🇸

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To all of you folks who are rejecting and disparaging the idea of a third party, please tell us:

What will the GOP do differently, in the future?

Why shouldn't we expect to get from the GOP exactly what we've always gotten?

What's going to change?

Why should we NOT expect backstabbing and betrayal from the GOP?

In 2020 we had Trump, motivated activists, terrible opponents... and the GOP still snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

What will be different in 2022?


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Did you know @catturd2 has a website and has written books? I didn't

I want to thank everyone who "gave my sci-fi novel, Rabbitskin, a read this year ... I have reached 10,000 total books sold this year without using Amazon - just on my little website .. Thank you so much 😊

I have 3 writing projects in 2021"

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The fact that the DNC was hijacked by the far left wing of the DNC didn't mean that Blue Collar and Blue Dog Dems in the "big tent" were on board with globalist identity politics crap.

Their Jump-To-Trump was an easy one, because they were What's For Dinner.

Whatever name is chosen it must resonate with the entire NEW base, just like its platform.

And I have some thoughts on that.

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I am curious about a few things and hope to get some help on them. Why did Trump leave on airforce 1? I am Greek-Canadian and clueless on these matters but that was kind of weird to me, also I watched a video when he was boarding the helicopter from the WH on Redpill I think, and the host there pointed out that he was also holding the nucleaur codes.I don't want to sound naive, but it did sound like he knew what he was talking about. Anyone have a clue?

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Around 842 A.D. the Eastern Roman Empire had treachery afoot! The Empress Theodora was exiled to a nunnery and her lover Theoctistus was murdered, a plot orchestrated by Bardas, rising his young nephew to the throne, Michael III. The young new ruler, perfectly aware of his precarious position, desired council he could trust.

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Trump should not just start with a media entity, he should start or buy out a web hosting service to compete with the likes of GoDaddy and AWS (Amazon cloud computing) and THEN open the floodgates.

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@JM @H53pilot @EngOnDemand Is there anyone out here with active duty contacts or DoD contacts? I'm trying to confirm that their picture aligns with mine... The game may have just begun.

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5. These deluded fools don't understand that America has changed.

Enjoy your Panem parlor games while they last, libs. Reality is going to be tough to take, when it surely arrives again.

Which it will.

See, stealing power may give you temporary satisfaction, but it sure as hell doesn't give you legitimacy.

And your ability to maintain power without legitimacy, is almost impossible.

Emperor Joe has no clothes.

As you are about to find out, on a daily basis.

The end.

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As from Saturday 9 p.m. everyone has to stay indoors till 4.30 a.m. All of this to stop the spread of coronavirus, although it’s efficacy is disputed by “experts”. The scientific advisory commitee calculated the benefit from such a measure to be 8-13%, for what it’s worth.

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Fellow Quods:
I just registered for 4 day seminar series. Others should take a look and if interested, register. Great lineup!

Mon 2/1 12 Noon - 1:30
Adam Lovinger

Tue 2/2 12 Noon - 1:30 Geoffrey Van Orden CBE

Wed 2/3 12 Noon - 1:30
BG Ernie Audino

Thur 2/4 12 Noon - 1:30
Eli Gold

See photo for more details and follow this link to register:

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Trump isn't GOING TO do something.


Think back to the 2016 election.

I was the first person who pointed out that Michigan secretly certified and sent in its electoral votes before Jill Stein demanded recounts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Michigan put Trump over 270. This was revealed in the court hearing for Pennsylvania.

Trump exactly recreated 2016, but Congress then took the next step.

It hasn't been revealed yet because the stakes are astronomical.

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