I need to vent. Thank you QV! Thread.

Tonight at a get together with a group of friends and aquaintances, I had an interaction with a serious anti-Trumper. Over the past nearly 3 years this person and I have had congenial conversations but there has always been some animosity between us because he knows I'm pro-Trump.

2. I'm not a confrontational person. In fact, I avoid confrontations whenever possible. It's not that I'm a whimp. It's just that I have chosen my battles wisely over the years. Perhaps it's because of all of the pain and loss I've experienced. Things just don't seem to get under my skin because I always weigh whether or not something is worth my time and energy before getting my feathers ruffled, so to speak.

3. I often keep my thoughts to myself in many situations. My grandfather always told me that it is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and be known as one. I've taken that advice seriously throughout my life. I've learned to hold my tongue and not say things I will regret later. I've learned that people are fallible and often say things in haste they don't truly mean. As a result, people often mistake my kindness for weakness, or worse -- ignorance.

4. I have never have looked at myself as being pretty. Looking back now, I think my appeal to most people was that I didn't have any idea that I was in fact an attractive girl. Instead I was insecure about my looks and because of my conservative Christian upbringing, I was naive enough to not know that my looks could get me places. It simply never crossed my mind.

5. Had I known then what I know now, I might very well have used it to my advantage. Instead, I was taken advantage of and treated by many like I was stupid, which I can assure you I am not. I think I always thought of myself as the kid in the high chair with beans all over my face, self-conscious and above all, humble.


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