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The people coming are also in horrible condition due to their cultures.

Illegal Latin Americans skew all the health statistics here. We have the highest rate of infant mortality in the industrialized world.

The leading cause of infant mortality is low birth weight caused by premature birth.

The leading cause of premature birth is teenage pregnancy.

The most pregnant teenagers are illegal Latin Americans.


My gut tells me that Trump will do something so monumental that the election will be a rage-fueled bloodbath.

What I mean is Trump will expose crimes against all of us, as well as our troops.

It's clear that the Democrats are no longer loyal Americans.

Therefore Trump will have no qualms about destroying their party.

I understand the desire to see the perp walks in orange jumpsuits.

But total loss of power and influence for several generations is what's needed.

Perp walks won't bring about permanent change.

Political extermination will.

I have my money on Trump. He never EVER shows mercy.

My guess is the Democrats are DONE after 2020.


If you STILL can't see what Trump is doing, you're hopeless.

Don't be hopeless.

It's annoying.


Prepare a trap then lure your enemy into the trap by using bait.

In war the bait is the illusion of an opportunity for gain.

In life the bait is the illusion of wealth, power, and sex.


We had a case of human rabies here in Los Angeles.

An illegal, of course.

"Come to California and relive the Dark Ages! It's an experience you'll neither forget nor survive!"

One of my cousins and I are joking back and forth about which one of us will get the biggest reparations share. He's half-Mexican and I'm half Kenyan Luo.

It highlights the ridiculousness of the whole notion.

Obama destroyed the Space program.

Trump just gave it new life.

Why is the media NOT talking about this, except for Dimm rags trying to disparage the program?

It's huge. Under a Trump second term WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE MOON.

The call for reparations is just another method of The Herding. I talked about this nine years ago.

Leftists have finally lost their minds.

The endless tantrums have wrecked their brains, so they're making claims that five-year-olds would laugh at.

This is all good.

It's what Trump needs in order to make a clean sweep in 2020.

Sit back and enjoy. We're seeing history in the making.


It appears there are many examples of how multiculturalism will fail but what exactly is the left's vision? Do they even have an idea of what society would look like with dramatically different cultures living in the same cities but not integrating. Isn't the only option segregation, even if it's by choice?

So, pray for me -- for opportunity and wisdom.

This is the second well that has dried up recently. But I still have the will and the ability to dig.


Earlier today @Lonestar posted about no need for gruesome images. I could not agree more. When I was a young man I did search and rescue in Utah, for about 10 years. I rescued hundreds of lost hypothermic bikers and hikers from the most remote country. I also was involved in a search for victims of Ted Bundy while he sat in a police car and observed. I rescued dead bodies several times- tragic accidents and heart attacks etc. Drowning victims from rivers- not pleasant. Watched my Uncle breathe

Tweet from ABC News:

"Let me tell you why those who ooze passion for teaching are leaving the occupation like their hair is on fire."

Kindergarten teacher's post goes viral:

@TimToolMan @chip

When I graduated college, the job market had dried up and I had to do other things. I never quit trying and it took me nearly 20 years to find my niche. When I went into business for myself, I started with 0 dollars and worked on a wing and a prayer and had a man who gave me my first job and never looked back. I worked hard and smart and became 1 of only 3 people in my state who could do what I did. Ended up working all over the south. High demand.

@JM @Kathleen @wziminer


March 5 of that year I started going together with a girl who would later be my wife and we have been married close to 52 years. We had similar backgrounds, poor, had nothing but we made it. There were tough times, but we perservered. We did it together

@chip @JM @Kathleen @wziminer

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