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Iran is the problem.

The mullahs support all terrorists, everywhere.

Iraq has been totally unstable since we overthrew Saddam Hussein.

The only way the region will change is if we do as the locals ask.

Trumps listens and helps. The Sudanese asked for help. After we sent an envoy, they worked out a deal.


I think we just differ on this topic. I've seen how destructive living in fantasy world can be. Not just children but for adults as well.

Does the game encourage immoral behavior?

When I think of amoral games I think of things like sudoku.

There's lots of video games and board games not appropriate for children. They're not all the same and some could be very harmful. That's why I was curious about the one mentioned, especially the part about people being arrested.

I was curious why. I like to be informed about this stuff especially since I have kids.

I've heard of that game but have no idea what it's about? Is it no good?

I love Donald J. Trump.

Anyone else out there with me?

He did so good tonight in North Carolina. I am looking forward to all the rallies we have coming up.

I never got sick of watching them during the last election.

“I have arrived at the Trump rally in , NC and the first thing I see is a MAGA teen band playing a song called “CNN sucks”



The father of modern American progressivism is Woodrow Wilson.

There were no progressives before him.

Republicans "won" on civil rights."

Progressives have put gay rights back a generation.

Progressives ruin everything they touch.

If anybody is new to easily accessing and watching the MAG rallies uninterrupted and un-narrated, a good reliable source on the internet is rsbnetwork.com

POTUS this morning: "Big Rally tonight in Greenville, North Carolina. Lots of great things to tell you about, including the fact that our Economy is the best it has ever been. Best Employment & Stock Market Numbers EVER. I’ll talk also about people who love, and hate, our Country (mostly love)! 7:PM."


Secret Service in place, Vice President Pence is taking the stage.

So let me get this straight. AOC acuses Pelosi as racist, Trump defends Pelosi as not racist and Pelosi then calls Trump racist. Just can't make this stuff up.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.