Article stating that Arizona senator is investigating sex trafficking of foster children in his state.

Will we ever see these stories in the mainstream?

That's terrible news. I remember him from way back on Twitter. 💔

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It's a problem in every culture.

There's no way to measure the reality of it because law enforcement hides it.

Sexual tourism is a huge revenue stream in Third World countries.


So Tulsi just wants to be part of the ruling class.

She wants to destroy everything decent about the US, and she wants to have sumptuous dinners with totalitarians.

Trump will grind her into pulp.

And we will laugh.



On Tulsi Gabbard's positions.


"Criminal justice reform is a bipartisan issue. We can bring down costs and improve outcomes by implementing alternatives to incarceration.”

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East Asians have a big problem with this sort of thing.

It's reflected in South Korean horror movies.

"Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" may be one of the most horrific movies ever made.

I'm curious which cultures are the least likely to have kids being abused?
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Using the money to put private companies who were already developing commercial space travel out of business because they couldn't compete with government subsidies.

Wait, what? What did he do with our tax dollars?

Elon Musk testifies he's financially illiquid, court filing says

That's what's tough. People don't end up like that for no reason. Something happened to them but instead of seeing it as evil it is rationalized.

And the culture here in Southern California quietly glorifies it. Really sinister stuff is going on here.


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Adult men always say, "SHE came on to ME."

So what?


It doesn't matter if she came on to you. If you take her up on it, you have to go jail for rest of your life.


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