Tim *almost* accepts Trump is much smarter than him. @ThomasWic has known about Trump's Judas goats for years. Sites like Dailywire are just now figuring it out.


Tim Pool has an attempted break in while talking about almost being broken into earlier that morning. It's crazy to watch him just sit there waiting for police. He doesn't appear to have any safety instincts, I get he's not armed but at least prepare to get out of the house just in case. Maybe now he's understands why people have guns for self-defense.


This video is fantastic! So much good in such a short video.

Scott Presler is an inspiration!


I wanted to share the latest Fleccas talks video from YT but the share button is gone... I checked other videos and it's there. Just not on this one. 🤔

Really cool video done by Body Language Ghost. It's nice to see the opposite of flat affect. He has a genuine smile.


The left elites are using the mentally ill as disposable pawns to push their agenda of chaos and destruction. That who their messaging is directed at.


Twitter is filled with idiots. I shared Wictor's latest QV post tagging our President... and some rando tries to make a funny. 🙄

The background music! 🤣🤣🤣

Democrats spent the second debate arguing about math

This is ridiculous. The home I grew up in was horrible. Telling me it wasn't isn't compassion, it's cruel. She can take her fake everything and shove it.

These people need real help. There was a mental health institution not too far from LA, in Camarillo. The area is beautiful but it was shut down a long time ago and is now a college. How is letting people suffer and live on the streets more humane than providing them a beautiful, safe place to get clean and get the help they need?


@ThomasWic last video posted on YouTube

Watch it before YT takes it down for "hate speech".

I've left YouTube


Um... Gab had about 1000 users... don't we have over 10k? Around 5:20 Tim reads from a Vice article saying Gab is now the largest instance on Mastadon, nope.

Gab Has Become Completely Unstoppable By "Federating" Now They Can't Get Shut Down


Starting now!

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Presidential Social Media Summit

The White House


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