But it just doesn't work that way.

Nobody has figured out how to force audiences to go see movies.

The last time I went to a theater was in 2000, to see the Mel Gibson movie Signs.

I hated it.

So I started buying DVDs of all the old movies I'd missed. My library is huge.

Hollywood announced a while back that it would now produce only remakes, sequels, and movies based on comics and TV Shows.

Therefore I'm not missing anything.

On self-defense.

After Thomas’s most helpful advice on protecting yourself against crazy people, I thought I’d post my experience after taking five classes of Kenpo Karate.

1.I took five classes in how to punch, kick and protect myself about 10 years ago. You learn what to do if someone grabs you from behind, grabs your hair, etc. The stance below is what you assume if someone is already too close:


Two Beta males lost in fantasy.

Puerto Rico is Spanish for "shithole."

We can either face reality, or we can continue to allow the drug-addicted mentally ill to continue to commit ever-increasingly violent crimes.


Except for crime committed by the violently mentally ill.

The answer is easy.

It's not about "criminalizing mental illness."

It's preventing the mentally ill from committing crimes.


It seems like Antifa has become a spectator sport.

I wanted to share the latest Fleccas talks video from YT but the share button is gone... I checked other videos and it's there. Just not on this one. 🤔

OH, this is so funny, remember POTUS telling someone at the rally last night to go home and exercise, thinking he was a protester, 😂


I'm not necessarily a fan of too many current "country" artists, but some are pretty good.

IMO, this song is brilliant. When first released, it caused a tremendous backlash among the more 'traditional' country fans.

I think the band knew that any publicity is good publicity and capitalized on the controversy. Personally, I like the song.

Girl Crush


So the takeaways are:

Don't murder anyone.

Don't make your last words into a bizarre ship captain's announcement.

Chose the drugs, not the electric chair.

If you're a good person, the other side will be pretty amazing.

And if you catch on fire, your smoke will taste like a Burger King Whopper. You'll be yummy!



Trump really hitting hard on the dangerously mentally ill. Almost like red flag laws was just a shiny object.

Now standing up for the 2A.

RSBN live streaming Trump rally from New Hampshire. Doesn't look like it started yet. (I just got home)


Really cool video done by Body Language Ghost. It's nice to see the opposite of flat affect. He has a genuine smile.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.