Star light, star bright; can't wait to see a launch tonight!

Clear skies across central Florida; so I'll see the launch from my vantage point.


Depends on what your viewpoint is.

They issue genuine material, but they put an anti-Muslim spin on it.

For example, "How to properly beat your wife."

If you watch the video, you can see that the sociologist is deconstructing the entire notion of wife beating.

He's saying, "If you're going to do it, make it meaningless."

This is the Stealth Reformation. The end result is no wife beating, but nobody has to admit that.


Leftists don't believe in the rule of law.

Here in my city, the residents are free to do whatever they want.

So they do!

Zero quality of life. When I leave California, I'm going to pull over and do this after I cross the state line.


We salvage the thought, acknowledge the source, address the source's failings--if asked--and refuse to be baited into bad-faith arguments.

Tonight I discovered that every video I ever downloaded is safe in a folder I didn't know existed.

When @Debradelai gets Quodverum TV up and running, I'll post all the videos that YouTube forced me to delete.

You'll see a lot more evidence of the Third Revolution in Military Affairs.


Has anyone had a rib injury? Wednesday I had a blow to my ribs while sparring (in the form of a round kick) and it was enough for me to double over in pain. Since then it wasn't too bad the first few days, but now walking can cause pain. What I don't have is any pain when I breathe, cough, yawn, etc. And I'm not sure if that matters.

So just curious if anyone has any knowledge on rib injuries.

Trump loves us and we love him. ❤

But I don't think it was an accident or a stunt.

Can anyone help me figure out why my micro SD card won't format? Thanks!

The internet can shut down now, this is the best thing ever made! 🤣

Mueller's eyes! 👀


Steve Allen said that he knew we were in trouble in the 1950s when viewers sent soap-opera actors cards and gifts when their CHARACTERS got married.



That is the fundamental truth of TV: NONE of it is real!

I read an interview with Ray Bradbury, some years ago, where he said that "Fahrenheit 451" was so much about censorship as it was about the imbecility that would come from watching TV.


They shot their bolt on Trump in 2016 and then Roy Moore.

Like accusations of racism, accusations of rape are now meaningless.

REAL rape victims are the ones who will now pay, thanks to leftists.


Heavy pot use also makes people amoral.

Not IMMORAL; amoral.

In other words, they become more accepting of destructive behavior in comparison to people who don't use pot.

I noticed it in high school and college.



That's so embarrassing.

Who knew that so many people are off their rockers?

@ThomasWic The political knowledge idiocy of Scott Adams amazes me every day. He did a Periscope today where he credited Tucker Carlson with preventing war with Iran. These blowhards will never accept the fact that Trump is a million times smarter than them in every aspect.

The real world is nothing like the world of Tucker Carlson.

Or anybody on TV, come to think of it.


My daughter had her dance recital today. She did great! Once we were done we watched the rest of the show. One of the performances was to this song.

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