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It's a problem in every culture.

There's no way to measure the reality of it because law enforcement hides it.

Sexual tourism is a huge revenue stream in Third World countries.


So Tulsi just wants to be part of the ruling class.

She wants to destroy everything decent about the US, and she wants to have sumptuous dinners with totalitarians.

Trump will grind her into pulp.

And we will laugh.



On Tulsi Gabbard's positions.

From tulsi2020.com/

"Criminal justice reform is a bipartisan issue. We can bring down costs and improve outcomes by implementing alternatives to incarceration.”

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East Asians have a big problem with this sort of thing.

It's reflected in South Korean horror movies.

"Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" may be one of the most horrific movies ever made.

Wait, what? What did he do with our tax dollars?

Elon Musk testifies he's financially illiquid, court filing says


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Adult men always say, "SHE came on to ME."

So what?


It doesn't matter if she came on to you. If you take her up on it, you have to go jail for rest of your life.


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Little kids need to be innocent.

The corrupt seek to corrupt.

@ThomasWic @Joycevor I was getting a pedicure this afternoon, and next to me was an older black gentlemen. His name was Bishop Lee, and he runs several churches in the Bay Area. Long story short: he LOVES our POTUS, and says that Leftists have been leading our country into degeneracy since he was a kid in the 60's. He says feminism & the Left have been trying to break down our family & Christian values for too long. He said that he is hopeful that folks are finally waking up to it.


For @MarcusJ65

Let's talk about two things that everyone is afraid to mention:

Infant mortality rate and teen suicide.

Both are extremely high in the US. Why?

Illegal immigration from Mexico.

This is a 15-year old. She's considered a woman.

@mariel Levin and Elder are longtime conservatives who have fought the good fight for years. Levin may have been against Trump at first, but has grown to love the guy. I also think Terrence and Scott are doing us good, as long as they stay away from the bad crowd.

Pool is a leftist schmuck who tries to play both sides, but is still a leftist schmuck in the end and Adams should stick to cartoons.

This man just reposted this ...his brother's been missing since June. I believe this is from the Kansas City area. I went through the poster's timeline a little bit and the family is pretty grief stricken. Hoping somebody knows something.

I know I tend to criticize a lot of social media personalities in my posts, but given how much of modern politics depends on social media, Trump supporters need to be careful when it comes to trusting certain people on Twitter and the like.


I don't know what happened in Culiacán, Mexico, today, but it's clear that SOMEONE kicked some serious ass, and it's being hushed up.

First, a scene with a Sinaloa Cartel improvised armored vehicle.


I hate conspiracy theorists.

What I hope to do someday is tell them a truth that will make them unable to sleep for the rest of their lives.

They need to suffer by learning what's real.

I'm just the guy to force reality on them.


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