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My gut tells me this is setting precedence for a much larger grand jury. And it’s not about or for PDJT

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Well...Bragg just did manage to indict a ham sandwich.

So much for yesterday's reports of a month hiatus.

A statute limited misdemeanor.

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Just to touch bases:

Trump has not been arrested.
Trump has not been indicted.
Alvin Bragg is still a tool.
Fauci is still shooting his mouth off.
Bakhmut has not been taken by the Russians.

Carry on.

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My daughter played at Carnegie Hall last weekend with her HS orchestra. It was a wonderful event!

Side note: there is a special hell for people who talk during orchestra performances.

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I see. So the treatment of Trump is fine as long as it's shated with real felons?

Congratulations to Fournier. He just labeled Trump a felon.

Moral equivalency is a bitch.

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ChatGPT is the next leftist move in trying to establish an Authoritative Trusted Authority, now that all their media mouths have blown their wads.

"ChatGPT, write a poem praising Donald J. Trump."

"I'm sorry, Dave. I can't do that for you."

Listening to last night’s yapping while driving to Baltimore.

Nice to have some time to catch up!

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It’s a cataclysmic moment when you realize…

…your deeply held beliefs and heartfelt commitment to treat others with acceptance and tolerance (irregardless of THEIR beliefs or values) — is the very thing that is now a death warrant for your own beliefs and everything you hold dear.

My soul is reeling in disbelief at how far we’ve fallen and how fragile “societal mores” really are.

One generation.


Reagan was right.

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This is them telling us our Children are theirs and Parents opinions and Rights don't matter to them.

People always talking about Red lines.
This is mine.

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My friend conservative filmmaker, Christopher Martini, has posted his movie Trooper in its entirety on YouTube for a limited time. You MUST watch!!

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@antonionpellegrini @Debradelai @Timmerax @YoungBlood @BirdDog

I love these guys!

This video, below, was their first introduction to Thomas Sowell. Wonderful discussion during and after the video.

Have rented a new house with a yard for the hounds. Still has no gas stove 😞, but has raised beds in the garden! Planting today.

Will add a song or two to energize this Saturday!

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@johncardillo: "Proposed Maryland bill would prevent anyone under 25 with being charged with felony murder

More insanity from the left, because Baltimore isn’t deadly enough. "

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This makes me sick.
Copious amounts of pain is how you change their behavior.

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Unbelievable 😡
Teacher's union brings lawsuit against the Mom of a 5 yr old for asking to have a copy of the class curriculum. They wanted to send a message to other parents, "If you ask questions, we will come after you".

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All I would like to encourage you to watch a MOST MOVING video rendition of our Star-Spangled Banner, directed by my dear friend Christopher Martini.

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