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And what did The Apprentice say about Trump? That he’s a straight shooter, down to earth, gruff ol’ son of a bitch that won’t take shit off anybody, will not tolerate “no” in business, and if you can’t play, you can’t stay. “You’re fired’ (Complain about revolving doors in the WH all you want, but he was showing everyone all along how he’d handle things.)

[sigh] And the “you think you’ll make a decision about a run for POTUS” ran unabated. And then stopped.

...what he wanted the population to know: that DJT is a capable and conniving overachiever. And what pray tell did he do just a few years before the escalator ride at Trump Tower to announce his Presidency? Let me tell you what I think he did. A wealthy man took decades of his life working thru all the trappings of wealth and fame and sex, and after he was known less for lifestyle and more for his success - what did he do but none other than The Apprentice!

No human conflict begins in a vacuum. The Political Climate Conflict of this decade started with Trump decades ago. (H/T TW is the first person to have pulled back that curtain for me anyway.)

Trump propagandized for 30+ years. Think about this. Just in the last 15 years, how many times has Trump been asked by some pundit if he had plans to run for POTUS. He kept himself front and Center, but not in narcissistic ways. He was creating monuments. People caught on to EXACTLY...

And here comes the Chinese military into Hong Kong, rendering everything except Communism, meaningless.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s once again time for the NeverTrumpers to eat themselves alive.

No doubt everyone has seen or knows how our Troller-in-Chief has stopped the world from turning this morning. Given that’s the case, you can expect the time zone you’re in to be extended by two hours today in order for progressive socialists to get their breath back. Lord have mercy, I love this man 👇

Harris with a mouth full of meat seems to be a function of her upward political mobility.

For any newbies at QV who just happen to catch wind of this toot, be sure to catch the point being made by QV’s Admin Top Gun, Saul Montes-Bradley. This is important to remember. By chance, should any newbies get twisted up about something and toot something spectacularly stupid, AND get corrected, leave the toot up. It’s a learning curve for someone who might come here all twisted up about something, read the toot, the correction, and as a result they get unwound before they commence tooting.

"Iran sentences 7 'thieves' to hand and finger amputation and flogging"

Periodic reminder that is ruled by a ruthless, medieval regime and there are no "moderates," as claimed by their apologists/lobbyists in the West.

I like to make a periodic review of what's happened in the Big Picture.

If NeverTrump had got it's way, we'd have 2, almost certainly 3, Hillary SCOTUS appointments. The Court would be "Left-Globalist" in orientation for a Generation.

The Iran deal would still be in play, Iran would be developing nuclear weapons right now, while using it's newly robust trading networks to fund Hezbollah, Hamas, Yemeni Guerillas and of course anti-American Groups from Code Pink to CAIR.

Would someone please explain to me why this makes news in Fox Business? Seriously, what does business have to do with who Bezos is dating? This is the kind of celebrity news that belongs in The Enquirer, or the Weekly World News where “Bezos Finds Bat Boy’s Mother” or something.

By tomorrow evening the Epstein story will have warped into “Reliable sources are telling us there are unconfirmed reports the entire prison population, including employees of the BOP, were having coffee in SOHO. Questions are being raised about why Epstein was not invited.”

A good example of an invitation to confirm ones’ biases. Self righteous people feeding frenzy.

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