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Got a few takeaway “Twatziland Billboards” to share. It’s mostly insanity over there in that neck of the woods. Bat shit level cray-cray. Here’s an example.

Cory has just let Trump know that he has his back. “Yea, I’ll say it. They’re SHITHOLES.” He knows a shithole when he sees one. This could be a miracle in the making, folks. 😂

“Trump must be laughing his ass off,” in other words. Cory gets it. Trump is winning by showing the American public just how bad-shut crazy they are by trying to take him on for the seat in the WH. “We’re fucked, people,” in other other words. Cory gets it. He knows he’s clueless.

I just wanted to know who had the most concuBINES. I understand searching for how many “concuSSIONS” there were in the Bible. Back then they didn’t F-35s. But it’s really good to know who was the biggest stud in the day.

Top reasons why no human ought to eat pig ear dog treats::

1. They do not taste like bacon.
2. Pigs have really gross ear wax.
3. They may be pointy, but they’re not a Star Trek prop.
4. They can make you squeal like one while hugging the toilet.
5. Who thinks of doing shit like that?

Because this is America. Great afternoon at a gun show with my son who bought a ball cap that reads “We the People.” Subtitled, “We’re back.” His first gun show. We walked in and I said, “Son, this right here is the Second Amendment.” He responded, “This is SO cool.”

😂😂😂😂 Dems have NEVER faced a political opponent with this kind of savvy. Never. Nada. The old playbook on Trump ain’t. Gonna. Work. EVER.

Filthy, sick bastard 👇 ...and to think Hillary “stood by her man”!

Twatziland is working on an update for their conservative algorithm, but at least Jack is asking.

I’d be interested in knowing how the DOJ under AG Barr would threaten national security by investigating the CIA.

And Harold Finch isn’t holding any punches back.

Acosta needs some street cred on the “senior WH official says” bullshit, right? Trump plays the ad. Acosta told everyone Trump would put that in an ad. Acosta takes credit for the obvious. Acosta brags for months. Promotes the ad.

Anyone else receiving multiple QuodVerum toots like this? Been happening since the downtime last week.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.