@macoman4u1 Where have you been hiding? I was thinking I haven't seen your toots in a while. How are you?

Thank you so much for thinking of me. That’s very kind.

I’ve been working every day long hours to complete a project. Also, spent some online time with some folks I like on Twitter, I’ve ignored them for a long time. (QVitis.)

I’m good. Just at my age when some men slow down there’s a point in the day to come full stop.

Thank you, Kim.

@macoman4u1 So glad to read your reply and know you are still here on QV! Missed you. Also, I totally understand. Some days I feel like an old clunker, unable to find any replacement parts to get the engine running.😄 In the words of Garth Brooks, "I'm much too young to feel this damn old!"

I get it, and my ten year old son (9 yrs ago) asked me if turning “60 tomorrow” would make me feel old. Yes and no, I said to him. He replied, “I know why you don’t feel old!”

“Why is that, son?”

“Because you have a soul that will never die.”

I know exactly how you feel.

@macoman4u1 What a beautiful sentiment from your son! You raised a good one for sure.
*although .., as I said last week to a friend; "it's weird that I haven't been taken out of this world. Sometimes I feel like a damn cockroach, I keep on surviving" p.s. it probably doesn't come through in text, but I said it in jest and got a good laugh from her (which she really needed).

Oh no, I laughed right away, from a sense of unity, I suppose.

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