Hey everybody. Haven’t been here much at all today, and for that matter, anywhere else other than buried in work. Did go to the dr. this morning. Not much of anything going on that all the worlds’ prescriptions in one cocktail wouldn’t cure.

“Even if we did manage to all meds in a blender, just a little bit of everything, and you drank it, there’s just nothing in the world we can do to fix your mind. Literally, in the world. You’re in a different world.”


Relax doctor z, I was just asking if it had ever been *tried*. Why are your eyes so big? I meant like in the annals of Medical Quack History where some moron made it his life to collect one of every medicine in the world, put them all together in a capsule, name it ‘the fountain of youth.’ Who thinks of doing shit like that?

(It’s been a long day, and I’m happy.)

@macoman4u1 Sounds better then mine, lol. The movie is so much my mother. She believed food lasted forever in the freezer. We had many arguments that were as ridiculous as that clip.

@Baline @macoman4u1 Debbie Reynolds scooping the "skin" off the sherbet and Albert Brooks' horrified face.

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