No human conflict begins in a vacuum. The Political Climate Conflict of this decade started with Trump decades ago. (H/T TW is the first person to have pulled back that curtain for me anyway.)

Trump propagandized for 30+ years. Think about this. Just in the last 15 years, how many times has Trump been asked by some pundit if he had plans to run for POTUS. He kept himself front and Center, but not in narcissistic ways. He was creating monuments. People caught on to EXACTLY...

...what he wanted the population to know: that DJT is a capable and conniving overachiever. And what pray tell did he do just a few years before the escalator ride at Trump Tower to announce his Presidency? Let me tell you what I think he did. A wealthy man took decades of his life working thru all the trappings of wealth and fame and sex, and after he was known less for lifestyle and more for his success - what did he do but none other than The Apprentice!

And what did The Apprentice say about Trump? That he’s a straight shooter, down to earth, gruff ol’ son of a bitch that won’t take shit off anybody, will not tolerate “no” in business, and if you can’t play, you can’t stay. “You’re fired’ (Complain about revolving doors in the WH all you want, but he was showing everyone all along how he’d handle things.)

[sigh] And the “you think you’ll make a decision about a run for POTUS” ran unabated. And then stopped.


The real Political Climate Conflict started right there. Not in a vacuum but in momentum. Within a short time, there was gossip he was seriously going to run. “Yes. Just not official yet.”

By the time the gossip mill got cranked up, it was too late for the establishment. His psyche had already been successfully imprinted on millions of people. A man who worked thru more personal issues than we might know, decided that even the presidency was a perfect fit.

Americans agreed.



Great thread! Thank you, he was the right man at the right time. That will remain, come 2020. More on board, he now proved he can run the country.


I applaud you for this amazing thread. Great take!!

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