Harris with a mouth full of meat seems to be a function of her upward political mobility.


One of the things I like about Trump is he never does that "politician with rolled-up sleeves" thing.

"Is this where I can get me some of that there pork you peons eat? What do I do? Ram it into my head-hole? Okay! Here goes!"

He’s a man of substance. Usher him into a diner to have lunch with a few deplorables and he’ll order a hamburger, fries, Diet Coke, and finish off with ice cream. He’s the most uncommon common man I’ve ever seen.

@macoman4u1 @ThomasWic

Or, he'll go to a posh dinner with a bunch of elites and tell Chris Christie, "You and I are having the meatloaf!" 😅

@ThomasWic @macoman4u1

Like idiot Beto pretending to change a tire. Had a brand new ball cap, in dress cothes and thinking his sleeves were rolled up too.

Reeked of fakeness

Nothing less is actually expected of Beto. He’s being handled by Judas Goats. A perfect fit for even the most inexperienced goat.

Take a person, any person, who has dedicated their lives to living a *form* of someone else, or an ideal they have to somehow pretend to live up to, and I’ll show you a person one of my farts could knock off their feet. (You know, figure of speech and all. Because really, I wouldn’t waste a good fart on any of them.)

Quite true. From what I know, the last time he changed a light bulb, his wife told him to stand on a swivel bar stool and hold onto the light, and then she spun him in the wrong direction. “Righty tighty leftie loosie” he snarled, picking himself up off the floor. Brushing himself off, he said, “Let’s try this again, only spin me in the other direction this time.”

I have that by good authority.

@ThomasWic @macoman4u1 😆 that is so spot on, not even an exaggeration! In fact I bet there is someone who was at the Iowa state fair that has creepy Joe saying those exact words on their cell phone🤣

@ThomasWic @macoman4u1

Now I will always have the memory of Kamilla Harris talking with masticated pork chop circling around in her mouth forever locked in my mind.

That is one thing that I could totally lived without. Ugh...

@ThomasWic @macoman4u1 And a couple of our friends on here said she wished Muslims “Happy Eid!” while having a pork chop stuck in her puss. Classy lady, isn’t she!😂😳🙄

@macoman4u1 She'd be more enthusiastic about it if she believed her career would be taken to the next level. It's clear she's powering thru it to get it over with.


Harris should have had the corn dog. I would have loved to see the meme from that photo op. 😂

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