Got a few takeaway “Twatziland Billboards” to share. It’s mostly insanity over there in that neck of the woods. Bat shit level cray-cray. Here’s an example.


Even some folks I’ve considered “at least sensible” are teetering on the brink of a bat cave so deep it sucks light. Others have taken note of this social network phenomenon. Even Judge Fudge has to remind those following him that the 48 hr rule means time will be up Monday.

The remaining sane in Twatziland are adhering to the rule mentioned above, simply wash their hands from all the shit they’ve collected and make a HIGHLY USEFUL point. Whudathunkit wold be one of the Cates boys. POOF!

All I’m going to say about this next “billboard” is ... a young lady who has information about a politician who’s life she could have destroyed ends up dead in said politician’s office. So predictably Russian.

And finally, for me at least. By the time one takes a deep breath and holds it long enough to read the rest of her thread about whatever, they’ll be as dead as Epstein.

It’s simple. Poof! He’s gone. But god forbid things are kept simple in Twatziland.


When it gets to where it’s impossible to recognize the difference between a joke and being totally serious, it’s time to just tune out.

Ever driven 180 mph on the autobahn? You see a billboard coming up and before you can read it all it’s rear view mirror. There are very few billboards on the autobahn. But not so in Twatziland. It’s green light traffic at 180 mph between between lights 25 ft. apart, all set to trip red. Example. Pamela Hope DeLOCO has pulled switch and people stop to see if they can spot the differences. Holy shit. Our culture is is so much trouble.


The conspiracies (typically labeled alt-right) abound. Cray cray is what it is. Personally, I'm happy he left this world.

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