This close to the OIG Report, and Nancy Pelosi accuses POTUS of coverup. This is an utterly stupid political move, it shows utter desperation. She just opened the gate to full disclosure. Trump: “It was Nancy who asked for full disclosure by leveling an accusation I was covering up something. Well, here it ALL is, Nancy.”

@macoman4u1 @ThomasWic I honestly think Trumps tax returns are going to show he did a great job- nothing untoward. ..I think he deliberately played this game so when he wants to open up the Dem financials they can't say a thing. he is so damn clever...

@campers @macoman4u1 @ThomasWic

A POTUS also needs to stand firm on the privacy of tax records, on behalf of every US citizen.

@GodlessNZ @macoman4u1 @ThomasWic I agree...Im just saying that he is really playing them and should they get the records somehow, they will be very disappointed. In the meantime, they will have set a precedent...another one they will be sorry about.

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