Robert O’Rourke must have made a typo.
Surely he meant “Mynstrual Equity Act”.

Not parody. Actually on his twitter feed.

Democrats must be so proud of their candidate field.😂😂

A guy said to me that he hears God speaking to him. It's a curiosity. "So, what's God said to you?"

"Well, first off, he told me I either believe his voice or I don't. And before I had time to think about it, God went on. He said, 'You can always check me by reading my word. And then check your heart to make certain you aren't twisting my word in your heart. You can do that, you know.'

He wanted to know who would argue with that.

Good grief. I didn't.

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Very easy to use, the Congressional Research Service has primers on current topics.



A caged baboon, thumping his chest, proclaiming to the world the value of his freedom, the sacredness of that Liberty he values more than his wife's chastity...totally unaware of the bars around his ever deteriorating habitat.

In the meantime, those who can discern wheat from chaff in the daily sewage some call news, cannot but grow disilusioned.

Nay. Despondent.

This was already rotten in 1920.

We now live in the land of the dupes, the home of the knaves.

(18) It is no more that Liberty is at stake. We have now descended into the absurdity of arguing how much slavery is tolerable.

It is a fact that we labor under the illusion that we are a free country in a land where no one is safe from arbitrary laws that render us all criminals at the mercy of a totalitarian nomenclature.

It is a fact that that Homo Americanus, still proud of a Liberty that no longer exists outside of his imagination presents a ridiculous semblance to the world.


"One does not become surer as one advances in knowledge, but less sure. No article of faith is proof against the disintegrating effects of increasing information; one might almost describe the acquirement of knowledge as a process of disillusion. But among the humbler ranks of men who make up the great bulk of every civilized people the increase of information is so slow and so arduous that this effect is scarcely to be discerned.

It’s interesting how in writings, authors seem possessed by rhythms. The really good writers of course choose words very carefully so as to stay in the rhythms of their “song”. Truman Capote, while writing In Cold Blood labored over every single word he wrote - if you can believe it.

All that to say, some people have to have ear buds playing soft jazz while they read some books.

What Democrat debate?

“At first glance” for logos accounts for every thought following. Very poor choice of font on the bottom and and top left. Elect nutt2020! Or, commit to nutt twenty-twenty. Horrible design, but fitting nevertheless.


The original indigenous inhabitants of our country were dinosaurs, along with various amoeba, bacterium, fungi, and flagellum.

I think “Flagellum Day” has a much catchier ring to it.


Maybe Fox traded Shep to CNN for Brian Stelter.

Loser for loser.

Did Trump say Biden was only good at VP because he would kiss Obama’s ass? Seriously!?

@Debradelai @SteveInSC @ThomasWic

That annoying rising tone ending serves multiple purposes, none of which are good.

*It controls the conversation? She can suck the oxygen politely out of the room because a high note signals one's not finished talking yet?

*It signals faux-humility? Like, "I don't know if this offends you? I think it's okay to have an opinion?

*It gets her fellow zombies nodding?

All she's missing for the trifecta is the AOC toddler voice and the Blasey-Ford vocal fry.

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