Thank all of you for your amazing support for my family and I. 🙏✝️👍💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

“Nothing short of broad-scale investment and government reorientation can truly turn things around.”

Marianne goes to some length in her pitch to explain the things that truly need to be going in the other direction, but I understand none of it. Carry on.

Relax doctor z, I was just asking if it had ever been *tried*. Why are your eyes so big? I meant like in the annals of Medical Quack History where some moron made it his life to collect one of every medicine in the world, put them all together in a capsule, name it ‘the fountain of youth.’ Who thinks of doing shit like that?

(It’s been a long day, and I’m happy.)

Hey everybody. Haven’t been here much at all today, and for that matter, anywhere else other than buried in work. Did go to the dr. this morning. Not much of anything going on that all the worlds’ prescriptions in one cocktail wouldn’t cure.

“Even if we did manage to all meds in a blender, just a little bit of everything, and you drank it, there’s just nothing in the world we can do to fix your mind. Literally, in the world. You’re in a different world.”

Corruption is rampant in the Iranian regime
In recent days, Iran’s state-run media is reporting more government corruption cases. According to the state-run ISNA news agency, several managers of the Saipa vehicle manufacturing company were arrested and the company’s CEO has been banned from leaving the country. Saipa is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in

I sometimes tune in to radio stations in Nigeria. This evening I heard “bumpa-da-boom” jingle for Farmer’s Insurance. It wasn’t that way in the early sixties.

@ThomasWic @IndiaMaria Squeeze, twist and lift. The asshole will suddenly try to learn to levitate and start speaking like Micheal Jackson. Doesn’t matter how big or angry they are, attempting to rip their junk off ends it. Now crazy or high on PCP or bath salts is another thing entirely. You just have to end them as fast as possible because they are beyond all reason.

I know, Dolphins aren't fish, but here's a tale anyway.
When the kids were young, we'd pack them into the LTD II and drive down to the beach. Our daughter and her friends would sit in the back and 'torment' us with "are we there yet" and crack up laughing when we pretended to get mad at them.

Everyone by now has seen the picture of “Bill Clinton in a Blue Dress and Ruby Red Heels.” ( @Cdubois - there’s a song in that somewhere should you want to mock darkness in that way.)

Wonder why the painting that Bill had to sit for for hours would be where it was/is? Cross dresser? Trannie? It’s not merely a joke if it’s hung in the apt of a pathological pervert. It’s a signal to every billionaire that crossed Epstein’s threshold.

....vein as the honor you understand. It could be simple and short. Something like, “Let me tell you a story about the time I was...” and run with it as you will.

Basically, all I’m saying is, it would be heartwarming to “see” you in the company of friends here.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dear Sir,
Will you consider a live (streaming) conversation with Saul Montes-Bradly? Please? One Friday evening (QV’s but mike a beer night) would be ideal. Speaking only for myself (unless others chime in here), it doesn’t matter WHAT you choose to discuss. Surfing? Dogs? A person who had a big impact on you, like you had on Adm Rogers? Many here have made donations to your legal defense fund, and NO one needs a “thank you” because everyone considers it an honor in the same....

The real Political Climate Conflict started right there. Not in a vacuum but in momentum. Within a short time, there was gossip he was seriously going to run. “Yes. Just not official yet.”

By the time the gossip mill got cranked up, it was too late for the establishment. His psyche had already been successfully imprinted on millions of people. A man who worked thru more personal issues than we might know, decided that even the presidency was a perfect fit.

Americans agreed.


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