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Came across this interview today...
Ben Carson is one of those people who is very reserved, but such a mighty spirit. When I was younger I read his story, Gifted Hands, and was so moved by his determination to succeed, while growing up in the most challenging conditions. His story should be told to our nations children, and not just during Black History Month, he is an outstanding American!

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Change starts at the ground level.

Conservatives have generally had the attitude, leave me alone and I'll leave you alone.

That is no longer acceptable. President Trump didn't do all that so we could just roll over.

Get involved on the local boards, councils, committees. Push back.

Conservatives are looking for sensible, smart, ambitious leaders to follow. Let it be you.

Many people finally felt their "voice" in the 2016 Election...And President Trump heard that voice and built on it and moved America a time of growth and strength...Now, after the 2020 Election, many feel they have no "voice" because their one place for it, voting, is worthless. How can they ever find their "VOICE" again? Are we to forever to be controlled by the East Coast, West Coast and China?

It's many younger folks really have no idea how devastating this last 2020 election is...They have no true idea of the great power the Communists here in America have. They will will take time. I hope it won't be too late .....

I don't believe anything that I read on the is ...........Not anymore. 😢

Never forget that the majority of started back when @HillaryClinton called half of Americans "a basket of irredeemable deplorables" #2016

Their final step will be the slow removal of demented Joe Biden, to be replaced with Kamala Harris to rule along with Congress .....And many Americans won't even know what hit them! 😕

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Watched Brett Hume, attack Trump on Tucker tonight, then he turned on those of us that support Trump. The establishment is attempting to reestablish the Gop without Trump and us. Their mistake.

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Call me crazy, but here's why I still believe Trump has something up his sleeve: There's so many things left unsettled!

-Ratcliffe's report findings
-the fact Trump never declassified
-2018 EO on foreign interference
-designating ANTIFA as an international terror organization
-Barr quietly wrapping things up
-Pence not counting the alternative slate of electors

We know that he COULD have done several key things which he hasn't done, yet. The question is why? And the answer is I don't know!

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It’s not censorship, it’s an coordinated effort

‘It is part of the strategic logic of mass conflict. The leadership of the political, corporate, and cultural establishment that rules America shut down the communication of those who against whom they are waging war.’

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8 days until January 20th and Kamala “Heels Up” Harris still hasn’t resigned from her senate seat.

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I am patiently waiting for the day when establishes his very own IT Platform for ...Hope he names it ! 😀

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DEVELOPING: Pakistan suffers nationwide power blackout; officials urge citizens to remain calm.

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J. Hogan Gidley
You can censor Americans, but you can NEVER silence Americans.
10:31 PM · Jan 9, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

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BREAKING: Chatham County, Georgia officials say they have stopped counting votes for the night and won’t return until 8 a.m. Wednesday

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