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I keep hearing it over and over again: Go cheap. Go China.


It's not cheap to go China: it's infinitely expensive for negative value return, infinitely negative for most people.

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To be fair swalwell did say he would nuke us!😂

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From the Library:

Fact one: former ambassador Marie Yovanovich is actively helping schiffs coup. But does she have a MOTIVE outside of trump hate? Shes an obama holdover. She’s connected to CIA officer & fake whistleblower Ciaramella.
Fact Two. She was fired as ambassador to ukraine after telling ukraine officials not to listen to trump because 'they' were going to impeach him - 1/4

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Fact Three: she had embassy staff *including cia & nsa officers* in the kiev embassy spying on prominent conservatives & indie journos. Obama state dept employee held over in current admin continuing to spy on political enemies.
Fact Four: Ukraine has a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into Yovanovich for a) stealing ukraine aid (skimming money) & b) for issuing a no prosecute list of US & Ukraine officials w the threat aid would be withheld if they didnt abide the list - 2/4

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Fact Five: Yovanovich was on a plane OUT OF UKRAINE, WITHIN THE HOUR of her being fired. She no longer had diplomatic immunity. And was subject TO ARREST, BY UKRAINE. She was fleeing possible arrest by Ukranian Security Services.
Fact Six: The American embassy in Kyiv was known locally as "Clinton Election HQ," and she had sent out invitations to a victory celebration party for Shrillary that she of course bitterly had to cancel - 3/4

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Let's extend the Patriot Act buried deep in another bill

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 call your congressman and tell them NO FUCKING WAY.

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seeing pro-china crap in my youtube feed. all of the comments are pro-china in them as well. guess the major crackdown is coming in Hong Kong

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Not sure if this is true or not:

Robby Starbuck
You know the shooting that happened at Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma today? A man with a concealed gun walked up, put a gun to the gunman’s head and told him to stop shooting.

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A poll from ABC says only 21 percent of us are following impeachment closely. Yikes! The folks know bilge (word of the day) when they hear it.

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Chick fil-A ends controversial donations to anti-LGBTQ charities and organizations after years of backlash

Chick-fil-A said beginning next year they will no longer be donating to the Salvation Army, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and various others
Instead, Chick-fil-A will be deviating from its current philanthropic structure of charitable pursuits to focus on education, homelessness and hunger

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Ex-Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announces presidential bid.
*** David Axelrod is working with him. Expect Obama's support to go to this new hero. ***

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Rising serpent (@rising_serpent) Tweeted:

Strzok's "insurance plan" was strategically placed Obama laid larvae within the bowels of his administration, ready to hatch and do his bidding at the opportune moment.

Why rely on winning elections when you can control government in perpetuity?

Ciaramella, Vindman and now this.

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Foiled again, Trump haters.

The White House on Monday released a note from President Trump's physician seeking to dispel speculation about his physical state after he made an unannounced trip to Walter Reed for exams over the weekend.

"Despite some of the speculation, the President has not had any chest pain, nor was he evaluated or treated for any urgent or acute issues," Navy Cdr. Sean Conley, physician to the president, said in a letter released by the White House.

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What is it with Dims that lying and cheating is the only way of getting through an election?

The Intercept found none of these politicians endorsed Buttigieg or his plan, which includes financial reparations for slavery more than a century after the fact and decriminalizing drugs.

-Top 3 "supporters" never supported Buttigieg or his plan

-40% of named "black supporters" are actually white

-Campaign used stock photos of Kenyans to promote plan

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Incoming projectiles set off rocket sirens in northern Israel in the predawn hours of Tuesday morning.

The Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that it had “identified four launches from Syrian territory toward Israeli territory that were shot down by soldiers operating the Iron Dome missile defense system.”

The army said it was unlikely that any projectiles had landed inside Israel’s borders.

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Donald J. Trump:

At my meeting with Jay Powell this morning, I protested fact that our Fed Rate is set too high relative to the interest rates of other competitor countries.

In fact, our rates should be lower than all others (we are the U.S.).

Too strong a Dollar hurting manufacturers & growth!

Things are heating up in Iran...the regime has shut down 95% of internet so no news of the people's protests can get out...

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