Look what this leftist cocksucker gets away with putting in the nations newspapers! I know it won't matter but it still pisses me off. gocomics.com/doonesbury/2019/0


Garry has some interesting circles to which he is associated. He is a member of one of Yale's 3 "secret societies", the Scroll and Key. As Carlin said, "it's a a club, and we are not in it".

Garry Trudeau 1970 Doonesbury Cartoonist
Fareed Zakaria 1986 Ed, Newsweek Intnl', CNN host
Dahlia Lithwick 1990 Ed, Newsweek and Slate
**Jeannie Rhee* 1994 Special Council member for Mueller's Obstruction of Justice Investigation
Ari Shapiro 2000 Co-host of All Things Considered for NPR


Gary Trudeau ... Jane Pauley's husband.
What an obnoxious waste of oxygen.


Hey, mimi. Sorry you got tanked. You had a lot to say and they gotcha!

Glad to see you here.


@mimimayes @luvmycountry1

A 50 state landslide would result in silence, but only after the loudest shrill harpy klaxons ever heard were all sounded in unison. Like, blood from the ears loud.

@StevenDouglas And we are all flashing back to the meme of the (ostensibly) female person in the yellow-lime rain jacket wearing a knit hat screaming "Noooooooo" after Killary lost. I am not a meme goddess or I would have found it and tooted.
@mimimayes @luvmycountry1

Puppy is good. Doubled her size! I felt so lost on Tw without you! 😘@mimimayes

@mimimayes You'll never know how happy I was to see you on QV! I'll tell pup all about you.I even asked Harriet Baldwin about what happened. She just said "She's feisty."


Baseless fantasies are all they have to mainline now. Cook it fast, find a new vein and shoot it up.

They've become so habituated that every hit needs to be stronger than the one before.

It's their electoral opioid epidemic, let them all OD on it.


I can’t stand the Doonesbury “cartoon.” It is just blatant with the leftist political swill it puts out.


I remember when Doonesbury was funny. Way back then even Saturday Night Live was funny.

@luvmycountry1 Another case of an “artist” gone bad. Well, the newspapers are mostly leftist so this is no surprise. I’ll take a jaunt around the neighborhood Thursday when the recycling is put out and find some newspapers and Gary Trudeau’s trashy cartoon to line my litter box. Add litter and my opinion. Then I should send it to him saying it’s my undeniable opinion of his work.


Surely your cat's litter box deserves a liner of higher quality content than Gary Trudeaau's cartoons. Your cat may become constipated and refuse to relieve itself on such garbage. 🐱


@Sarah_Roberts @luvmycountry1 Very True. We’ll light the cartoon with the effluence in it and put it on a Democrat’s doorstep. Then ring the doorbell and run.

@Sarah_Roberts @luvmycountry1 I agree! I’m actually role playing as myself being the cat of my avatar, a Saudi loving cat who is making up for time lost as a Democat. Now I am a registered Republicat!😻Still want to decorate Democratic human’s porches!😂😂😂


If you feel the need to decorate some porches belong to a certain political opponents, please be careful. I am not sure they are worthy of the your cat's dietary output! 😂


@SpiceOfOurLife First make sure they don't have a Ring doorbell. Or wear Hillary masks that you got someone else to buy. Or something.
@Sarah_Roberts @luvmycountry1

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