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People in Blue States whose civil rights are, obviously & blantently, being violated, here's a form to contact AG Barr to ask for help. The more who write to the DOJ, the better! Millions would be a good start.


Barr Threatens Legal Action Against Governors Over Lockdowns


So far, all talk. People in CA, WA, NY, NJ, OR, MI, ME, CT, VA, etc.. need to write in by the millions.

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IMO, Barr is doing the right thing here.

He's letting people know they can stand up for their civil liberties.

Many more states are suing their governors for their blatant overreach and winning.


This allows the administration to not do anything so if something goes wrong they can't be blamed, but encourages the states to do what they are allowed to do:

Step up for themselves!

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