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Damn, did this age well.
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Donald J. Trump
· Apr 21, 2013
NO MERCY TO TERRORISTS you dumb bastards!

The Left’s goal is to pressure Trump to authorize the national guard to fire on the rioters—thereby proving he’s a murderous tyrant.

They don’t care how many Black neighborhoods must burn in the process.

I don’t know how anyone in good conscience can ever vote Democrat again.

Twitter doesn’t like this video being posted on their platform - they even banned the person who posted it as soon as
RT’d it!

So give it a watch and a RT!

KKK: Founded by Democrats
BLM: Founded by Democrats
ANTIFA: Founded by Democrats
ACORN: Founded by Democrats
CODE PINK: Founded by Democrats
OCCUPY WALL ST: Founded by Democrats
WEATHER UNDERGROUND: Founded by Democrats

Who wants to take your guns away?

The violent Democrats

Dan O'Donnell


Last night, the City of Madison announced that it would not be arresting any rioters who loot and burn buildings.

Today, the City of Madison is strictly enforcing a ban on Catholic Churches having more than 50 worshippers at mass.

Let that sink in for a second.

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@luis Yes, but what cop would have the gonads to go to the thieve's homes to retrieve them?

😂 😂 😂
BREAKING: Target spokesperson has reported that all TV’s stolen during the riots have traceable chips installed in them in case of theft.

Law Enforcement officials have stated that they will be retrieving the stolen merchandise and making arrests.

The CDC is predicting a second wave of the Coronavirus.

The severity of this second wave is said to be correlated directly to how far ahead Trump is over Biden in internal polling.

Have a great Summer!

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they've also been censoring his tweets today and marking them as "sensitive content."

I love this response by President Trump. He defiantly repeats the statements in the first tweet that got the fake fact check slapped on it, rightfully calls them out for election interference, and threatens them with as of yet unknown repercussions. This is gonna get interesting.

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Luke Payne
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First it was, "Masks don't work." Then it was, "Don't wear them, save them for nurses!" Then came, "Wear them or Grandma dies." Then, "Wear them or YOU die!" And then, "Look, whether or not it works, it's POLITE." Now, "Hey, masks are cool!"

What a clown show.

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