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Yeah, I'm going to go with "gross" on this. You're not going to see air-brushed, silicone-enhanced globes of beauty...you're going to see old cows with udders that hang to their knees bare it all.

Rudy Giuliani on Twitter:

The Dem owned media is going crazy over Ukraine. But first let them report how the VP Biden bribed the Pres. of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating collusion with Hillary and Biden’s son taking millions from a corrupt oligarch, after billions from China.

Teen Girls Can Now Walk Around Topless in Colorado, Thanks to 'Feminists'

Girls as young as 11 can now walk around Colorado topless, all thanks to a campaign by feminists to "Free the Nipple."


You can't make a silk purse into a sow's ear. Doesn't matter how hard you try.

They won't ever believe that because before the internet, it was done ALL the time. Times have changed. They haven't.



The Author of All Things watches over you.

Life can be hard, because otherwise we would be in a safari park.

The point is to grow. We can't grow if we live in a safari park.

Trust the System. It wants you to be the best you can be.

I just read something on QV that gave me pause. We all know people, family, friends, etc. (some are here in QV) who have been ground down at times in life. People for whom life turned them almost into dust. Immeasurable suffering. Mind. Body. Soul. With pains most of us will never experience. But these people, these very special people, go through the fire and come out like diamonds. Not embittered. Not mean spirited. To those people, I'm *most* grateful. They give strength when life "fails".

Maybe I'm just sentimental in my old age. I hope so. It seems like a mighty powerful antidote in the twilight of life. To look around and see people rise up. Seems the older I get, the idea of a resurrection becomes obviously real.

6. So, Trump's movement is revolutionary. It's not just a passing fad, or a reaction to recent events.

It's not going away, anytime soon. Why? Because it's always been there. It just went to sleep.

Trump woke everyone up and sparked a revolution.

'Nationalist capitalism'. Not a bad label, eh. What do you think?

We live in amazing times.

The end.

2. Leftards use the label Nazi, aka 'nationalist socialist'.

I prefer a new label 'nationalist capitalist'.

Trump has ushered in a global revolution, fusing love of country with individualist enterprise.

A movement that is underpinned with a distrust of elected government & infused with a deep trust in individuals to regulate their own affairs, with as little government as possible.

It's an extremely powerful fusion of two major forces that have been with us since the beginning of time.

They seem surprised.

@zyntrax: "Huh?

>NBC News: Nationwide arrest warrants issued for 3 white male suspects in kidnapping and sexual assault of 13- and 14-year-old Ohio girls; investigators believe the suspects are in the US without authorization."


(H/T @laangled RT )

Scientology grifter Joy Villa was planning a run last year, but it never materialized. Thernovich has previously looked into an OC District run in California. Tomi Lahrens fiancée is a candidate in CA 33. Joey Salads in NY-11. Brandon Straka might run against AOC.

These people have only been in the public eye, by way of social media for less than 5 years and think that national level politics is the next step. Congress is a full time commitment. It shouldn’t be for vanity.

While conservatives fight the onslaught of dimwitted media personalities and fake news from the left, we have the same problem hurting our own credibility. We have people driven by fame, money and ego.

Most of these young conservative commentators are all style and no substance. Tire slashing “victim” Laura Loomer is one of the worst.



When heroin users learn of death by overdose, THEY TRY TO BUY THAT BATCH.

Heroin destroys the nucleus accumbens (NAcc) of the brain, making it impossible for a person to feel pleasure.

Long-term heroin users don't get high. They use heroin to feel NORMAL.

When they learn of a strong batch, they try to buy it so they can get that high feeling again.

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Something I do not understand is that Trump has led a very public life, has written many books, went to Wharton, build a multi-billion dollar empire, bounced back from nearly a billion dollar hole much of it personally guaranteed, rebuilt another multi-billion dollar empire, ran for President and won against establishment favorites and the dimwits still think he is a muppet.

It's all there if they bother to look, but they will never look.

@ThomasWic @Grammy
Attacks on POTUS don't affect me as they did in the beginning. Each attack is ultimately met with the other shoe dropping. There will be a reckoning.

"War with an intensity described as unprecedented."

Looks like some Spanish or Colombian troops there.


Todd V. McMurtry (@ToddMcMurtry) Tweeted:
The Covington Catholic kids have sued @kathygriffin. (Note Nick Sandmann is not a plaintiff in this case) This is great news. Read the complaint here: t.co/IgTutTpHXX t.co/9fcwMXHpNc

Enjoying this !

Best president, EVER!

Worst press, ever.

I love how the Secret Service dudes herd them like sheep!

"Guys, you gotta go all the way to the van, LETS GO" and none of them effers got to sign the wall. HA!

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