WATCH: Trump attorney says there’s no ‘there there’ in Democrats’ case |... via @YouTube

I'm just showing you FACTS so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Most people in a position to impart information will try to upset you.

My goal is to allow you to put certain concerns aside so that you can concentrate on the things that actually matter.

The Islamic Stealth Reformation happened. It took three years.

That's astounding. And admirable.

YOU don't have to admire. I'm just telling you that I MYSELF feel admiration.


I'm positive the Senate has already heard enough to acquit. This is just formality. The dems are like baboons flinging shit in the chambers.

TRUMP translation machine:

“We’ll see what happens” = Something amazing WILL or HAS happened.

“We’ll have to see” = It will happen -or- it has happened -or- I have made it happen.

“The best is yet to come” = Something you haven’t thought of IS happening and ALL WILL BE WELL!

President Trump invited Minnesota Republicans and Minnesota hog farmers to the White House for the signing ceremony today.But President Trump DID NOT INVITE Nancy Pelosi to the signing ceremony after she sat on the deal for over a year for political purposes.
😂 😂 🤣

@REX @Debradelai
Trump is a genius. He knew that the senate had the votes and could call any witness they wanted. But, the public would scream unfair. He needed to give them a reason, so along comes Bolton. The public is screaming we need to hear from bolton. This gives trump other witnesses without the outcry .

I hope I'm right here. Whe shall see

Reminder: Mideast Peace Plan, which Saudi Arabia has already signed off on, is ...drum roll.....

JARED KUSHNER's assignment.

Yet another Jared miracle. Purty good for a "trojan horse" ....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

@IDscot , indeed it was a heavy price to pay, but he chose to invest his tragic lesson in his patients and community rather than wallow in self-pity.

Something we should all do when we experience trials.


@ThomasWic My hubby said the same thing (as a pilot), esp after watching/listening to the radar & radio from the last few minutes of the flight.
Pilot got held up at Burbank Airport, then was hauling ass as he went N to 118 then back S towards the 101.
Get-there-itis is the greatest reason for accidents (not mechanical, as most thing). And this 'disease' has 2 symptoms: running out of fuel or flying into weather unprepared.
Stupid! He knew better & did it anyway.

They flew into the mountain.

I just listen to the NTSB press conference.

The pilot radioed that he was climbing to 1200 feet, and the helicopter went off radar at 900 feet.

The impact crater was at 1085 feet.

The LAPD and Sheriff's Department had grounded all of THEIR helicopters because of the fog.

So it was pilot error. They shouldn't have been flying.

You've probably heard that Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna died when their private helicopter went down.

Helicopters have no leeway. They either fly or crash. When something goes wrong, the pilot can never regain control.

All it takes is one bolt in the tail rotor or main rotor to break or fall out, and the aircraft is doomed.

No amount of skill can save a helicopter out of control.

I don't know how I kept from twisting his head around backward.

But the Chinese won. Their absolutely indestructible swinishness forced my brother and me to give ground to them.

The Chinese are one reason we're leaving California. They destroy everything they touch.

You can't be racist against a culture. Their culture is garbage.

That doesn't mean THEY'RE garbage.

Even though so many of them choose to be.


So sad...🙏 praying for these lost souls and families. 💔😥

: Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter accident; at least 3 others killed too - @TMZ

Only the current unhinged ship of fools in the Democratic Party could possibly manage to turn the rare, solemn, damaging to the country, event of a Presidential impeachment...

Into an event as useless and time wasting to this nation....

As going to Court and fighting a traffic ticket.


Unarmed police officer attacked with a machete; ORDERS BYSTANDERS TO NOT HELP HIM.

His partner does nothing useful.


2. One of America's greatest reporters, Glenn Greenwald, saw the problem as early as 2008.

It began under Bush, but then Obama amended the Act: Greenwald:

'Under the FAA, which was just renewed last December for another five years, no warrants are needed for the NSA to eavesdrop on a wide array of calls, emails and online chats involving US citizens.'

This gives you an idea of the nature of the crisis.

Obama unleashed the full powers of the government on anyone who opposed him.

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